Sparkle Jet - TVJ Magna’Tron or Super’tron ?



I've read as much as I could regarding TV jones pickups, and I still have a question.

I've just bought a new Sparkle Jet, and also own a recent 6120SSLVO. The SSLOVO has OEM TV Jones FTrons, the Jet has HS Sensitivity FTrons.

I'd like to replace the Jet pickups with TV Jones pups, and I don't want to get the same tone from the two guitars. So TV Classics are out.

I currently hesitate between - a Magnatron neck / Supertron bridge, - or a Supertron neck/Classic+ bridge.

I really like the idea of the twang associated with the Magnatron neck pickup, but am afraid that the bridge Supertron might overpower it. I also don't want the Jet to sound too much Gibson-y as I already own a few Gibbies. Still, I plan to use the Jet for many styles, including rythm'n'blues, rockabilly, swing, but also Chicago blues and garage stuff if possible. I play a Vox AC15HW and tweed amps, from clean to semi-overdriven vintage tones (no high gain). I'd like the bridge pickup to be just a hair hotter than the neck pickup, so that power balance remains preserved.

What do you people think?




Personally I'm a Super guy (Honestly I am.) The Super neck/ Classic+ bridge didn't work for me as the neck pickup overpowered the bridge. I had one briefly with a Magna in the bridge and Super in the neck but didn't like that either. The flip as you suggest might work fine though, as many like Magnas in the neck. I'd do both Supers if I were you. That combo is the best of all.


If it's a Sparkle Jet, then definitely Magnatron neck/Supertrons bridge. If it's just a DuoJet without sparkles, the Superton neck/Classic + bridge would be correct. ;-)


I contacted TV jones directly, and they recommended a Supertron neck / Classic+ bridge combo. I specifically asked them for a pickup combo where the bidge is slightly hotter than the neck, as I really don't like overpowering neck pups.

So that sounds contradictory with what drmilktruck mentioned above.

Maybe it's just a matter of pickup height?


The earth cracking open and sending civilization screaming to their fiery deaths could not overpower a Magnatron in the neck. :D

Just sayin.

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