Setzer Sigs or Butts Ful-Fidelity


Which should go in a Silver Jet, say y'all? Which one sounds how?


Oddly, I have the Ray Butts in a Billy Bo at the moment. Compared to the filtertron in my Jet Firebird, its a little lacking. And even more oddly, one thing that needed to change was the stock Gibson style bridge on the Bo which I thought may be hampering the comparison. So ten minutes ago, I put an old Tru Arc on it so now both have aluminium bridges! Not been able to plug them in yet, but acousticly the Bo is better already


Plus, I know you're usually a dyna man Tim. The other option I'm considering is the Mr2000 dynas in filtertron cases. Way cheaper too!


I honestly like the Setzer sigs an awful lot. Although I used to think the Ray Butts versions HAD to be the ultimate Filter'tron.

My Setzer sigs have a boatload of twangy tone and I haven't even tried fine tuning the height yet. Usually, I don't get "the sound" until the are right there, down to the 64th of an inch.


I'm trying to like the Butts over the Classics, but hasn't happened yet. So ya made me curious about the damn Sigs now


I do generally prefer Dynas, yessir, but for this application I want to stick with FilterTrons in this Jet (I have two others with Dynas). Just looking for the ultimate 'tron. Clarity but a bit of muscle. Just wide-ranging, useful pickups. You know.

I have P'Trons in my Billy Bo - with aluminum bridge. I like that combination as it relieves some of the mid focus of the P'Trons without neutering them. Come to think of it, I have aluminum on the Jet in question. So maybe P'Trons? Thinking aloud. But I have a solidbody with that combination...

I also have a pair of Mel's OffKilterTrons, whose wide variety of voicings would be ideal in this guitar. I thought I'd put those in a 2420 to put its Dumbuckers out of my misery, but saints preserve us, I'm starting to get used to the D'Buckers. I just have to think of it as a fat ol' Gretsch jazz guitar...or try to get my Steve Howe or Nuge on.

ANYway. As between the Setzers (of which I have a pair) and the Buttseses (of which I don't), I'm just wondering how those with experience with both would characterize their differences and their behavior.


I ditched the Pooptrons in my Bo. Looks like I'll have Butts and Powertrons for sale soon.

I'd use the Offkiltertron, more fun than the other options


Which should go in a Silver Jet, say y'all? Which one sounds how?

– Proteus

set sigs on the carved n hollow specimen in my opinion. You'll get the greatest string separation and better balance in the middle pos.. I still feel the Ray Butts are the vintage perfect filters for a 6120 2.75 w trestles


And I quote

'I also have a pair of Mel's OffKilterTrons, whose wide variety of voicings would be ideal in this guitar.'

But I know that itch for something else...

You get filtertron, dynasonic, telecaster, poopertrons...all on the same menu with Mels pickup


I know it sounds boring but if the Jet was mine I would most likely go with just regular Classics or a Classic in the neck and a Classic+ in the bridge. Or if I was feeling boisterous a Power'tron in the neck and a Classic+ in the bridge.

I tried the Sigs in a Jet and a trestle braced 6120 and didn't like them at all. Classics for me. Butts could suit a Dyna player best. But I like the way TV Jones made the bridge pickup wider and taller, and the stock Classics in my current Jet sound so good they're staying there.

Thing is, just because there are Signature pickups and Butts pickups doesn't make them better, just different. The Classics are spectacularly good pickups.


When my first RHH was destroyed (don't ask), I took out those pickups and put them in Silverjet--and I really like them there!



I put the Ray Butts in the Penguin I briefly had, they were an improvement over the stock pickups (except for the white inserts in the stock pickups, those were cool), but I can't say I liked them better than the Setzers. I have Setzers in my Country Club and 6120SS-NV-L, and those just nail it for me. When I'm not chasing Dynasonic tone, of course.

My only misgiving is that Tavo, who we all know has studied this more than anyone else would dare, recommends the Ray Butts, and I can't help wondering if he hears something the rest of us don't.


Jimmy, I hear you on the greatness of Classics, which (almost) always completely satisfy. TV obviously thinks so: despite his menu of Other’Trons, his magnificent SpectraSonic guitar comes with Classics.

It’s not boredom with Classics, or any sense of ho-hum, so familiar, give me something else. It’s just that I have several guitars with Classics, and have those tones well covered. Just thought I’d see what some of the extended family has to offer.

It’s looking all too obvious: I have the Setzers, am not going to use them for the ill-conceived project I bought them for, so why would I hesitate at such an easy swap?

And now Frank and Tavo agree that the Setzes are well-suited to the Jet construction (despite Tavo’s endorsement of Buttseseses in hollowbodies), so that seems a quorum in favor.

I had Mel send me the OK’Trons wired into an entire hollowbody harness for the easy swap into said hollowbody (still a great idea), and I don’t relish the brainwork and wire-fishing required to put’em in the Jet. That’s probably self-sabotagingly lazy of me, because their versatility would be great in der Jet, but that’s me.


I love wiring! Seriously - I was surprised when I restored a motorcycle a few years ago that wiring is the thing that apparently most guys hate about restoring bikes. But i love it. I like knowing that it has been done properly and everything is where it should be.

I'm beginning to suspect that its just me...

Honestly, I can't think of anything better in my Jet than Classics. But the best pickup is often the one you have at hand.

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