Seth Lover interview


Well we have P-90 diehard and DeArmond loyalists... I know that interview with Seth Lover has been up on reverb a long time now but this caught my attention ...about pickups

"Ted McCarty came to me and wanted to know if I would design a single-coil pickup for them. They had a competitor down in Ohio [DeArmond] who had designed a pickup with large, round magnets in it—very strong. Apparently it performed so much better than the P-90, that was the reason why they… and of course, when you bring out something new, it always gets a certain following to it. If it performs well, fine. Anyway, I said yeah, so I went to work and designed a pickup for them."


yeah but thats not about p90's...thats about gibson staple alnico v's !!!...seymour duncan has classic interview/chat with his mentor seth lover...been around online for years...seth talks about the creation of the staple alnico v pup...the square magnets with elevator system..."borrowed" from dearmond dyna..@ gibbys request

seymour and tv jones are the guys when it comes to this...duncan was pals/disciple of seth...and tv jones inherited some s lover stuff on his passing

good all around


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