Schaller floating pickup unit


Got this in the mail after and almost 2 month sage. Wanted to try it out as supposedly the pickups are pretty DeArmond - like. Schaller did a cool thing with the alnico poles. They cut a slot in top and fixed them into threaded sheaths so they could be adjusted, way simpler than the fancy DeArmond setup. Pickups measure about 7.4k DC resistance. and sound good. The unit isn't quite perfectly shaped for the guitar but it's kind of jury-rigged on right now. I was sent a different Framus unit by mistake with a dead pickup that I might rewind and then shape to fit the Hoyer perfectly. I like that these units have a 2 band bass and treble control EQ.Funky!


THAT is a drop dead, good lookin, blond!


wow those pups look super cool!!!...w adjustable polepiece mags!!

and wound to 7.4k..the ric magic #

enjoy...killer guitar



I have a Framus ("Missouri" model I think) with the same electronics set up on the nickel panel. Really great sound. The neck on it is so in need of a reset, it's really only good for slide playing.

Let me know if you're in need of any parts, I could maybe part with some.

And yours is really cool by the way!

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