Ray Butts and a Premier 71 amp


Here's a quick comparison of the Ray Butts filtertron and the similar setting on Mels OffKilteron pickup. Any preferences or thought son the sound differences? Both have the same settings and played through the Premier 71 amp, rebuilt by Powdog. Sunday afternoon levels so I added a little delay and overdrive from a box. Looking forward to doing a better recording of the amp in full flight, but this demo was mainly about the guitar pickups.

Guitar playing is a bit dopey, just a quick run through for comparison before I fell asleep.


Looking forward to trying the amp turned up without effects to hear it at RUMBLE levels


cool gear!...i thought billy bo had the more link wray sounding tone...

what a classic great amp!



Can’t wait to hear it turned up to 11.


Can’t wait to hear it turned up to 11.

– Powdog

Yep, sent an email bout that

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