Question about vintage Filtertrons? ,,,


I'm interested in buying a pair of so called, Vintage Gretsch Filtertrons and I notice that the coved leads are YELLOW.

Most are grey.

What year were they, YELLOW?

Never seen that before in Gretsch Filtertron PUPs?

Thanks ,,, : )


Filtertron Pickups with Yellow covered leads?

Anybody know what year?


Do you have a picture of the bottom side of the pick ups? I'm pretty sure the leads were replaced but with a picture we could be sure.


Another thing I just noticed, in the bottom picture, is that there seems to be two light reddish, pink wires coming out of the yellow shield, plus the silver ground wire?

Very peculiar, yet interesting?


and yes, I also noticed this very well maintained cover, golden, yellow !!!!



Thanks guys!

There is only one picture from the advertiser.

I think they may have been replaced, too?

The seller said he got them out of a 1964 Gretsch Tennessean, so, I know they weren't originally in that guitar.

I have a couple of HiLo tron, Tennys too ,,,

He claims they sound great though, but, it's all subjective anyway ,,,

Still a mystery?

Maybe I should ask him to take a picture of the bottoms ,,,

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