Proteus pickup T-Armond & Duncan Dynasonic shootout


Happened across this on the tube. Some very impressive noodling around, and even some Sweet Home Alabama around 7:00.


This was from the Nashville Roundup I think 2010.


That is Scott Rust, the son of afm_380 and SissyKidd. Scott is a fabulous player with strong leanings towards the blues side of things. He also has a tremendous ear. When he tells you that he hears something, most likely he is correct.

He is also quite an innovator. That amplifier that he is playing through is 3/4 of a watt. Yet, it sounds tremendous and is powerful. How he gets that much out of less than a single watt is some kind of voodoo to me. He has also developed a highly efficient design for guitar cables. I have been wanting to buy one of them to see how they work for me, but haven't been able to do so yet. Perhaps at the upcoming Roundup he will have one there.


I was going to ask who he is. Nice playing and the <1 watt is crazy. Now I am really jonesing for a Jet.


Well made points, Ric12. I was there when this was recorded. His amps are very unique and I too was amazed at what amplification he could produce with less than a single watt of power but I'm not an amp tech so none of it makes sense to me. He and Tim are very talented and did an excellent job displaying all of the different colors of sound that can be produced back and forth with different amps and pickups in very similar guitars.


Not quite night and day; more like mid-afternoon and just before sundown. The Duncans are rougher and more aggressive-sounding, the T-Armonds more sparkly and articulate. The difference seems more pronounced with the addition of reverb, with the reverb responding more (in this circuit at least) to the T-Armonds.


I think I like the Duncans better


Missed Scott at the NorCal Roundup this year. Great player and fun to play with.

In this setting I definitely like the TVJ's better. There's a harshness to the SD's that might be great in an overdriven band setting, but the sweetness and articulation of the TVJ's -especially in the single note runs- have a magical quality to them in this setting where you can hear every little nuance.

Great demo!


I too, prefer the TVJ's. and btw Tim, Nice Pickin !!


Interesting to see this pop up again, though of course the content is as relevant as ever.

I welcome every opportunity to play with Scott; there’s a freedom for me in it, because he responds instinctively and welcomingly to every musical idea that evolves. He listens, can’t be thrown, and finds a way to support, enhance, and extend the musical flow. Brings out the best in me as a player, and any musical situation. Pure musical joy.

I almost can’t imagine any reason you’d ever rehearse with him; it’s always about the moment, which is whole and sufficient to itself. It’s less performance than communication. I’ve often been happy these were recorded, as I think the natural relaxed spontaneity catches us both making music well. It reminds me of a good Sunday morning.

As for pickup preference, I really like both equally, I think. I still have the Seymours in the Jet, with never an impulse to change them, and I have TVs in my white Gent, where they’re the perfect voice with just maybe a touch more refinement.


I like the (slightly) boosted mids of the Duncans better...less hi-fi sounding to me. BUT: Duncan doesn't make Filtertron-sized 'Armonds.... TVJ does.


It reminds me of a good Sunday morning.

Well said

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