Proper Plastic Surrounds for Chrome-Surrounded Blacktops. 3D Printe…


Could anyone who has swapped the Chrome surrounds of their Electromatic Blacktops for the newer plastic ones post pictures of the results showing any holes that are not quite covered? Thank you in advance.

For anyone with a 3D Printer, or is involved with the technology, would it be possible to take a plastic surround and, in the editing program, fill the screw holes and slightly stretch the edges horizontally so that it would cover all the screw holes. Then the screws could be redrilled using the chrome surrounds as guides. I know I could go to Setzer and have him make some but I do like the molded look with the decorative lines on the side.

Again, thanks for any help.


you may have already done, but have you looked into the plastic blacktop-style mounting/trim rings on TV Jones' website? you may be able to inquire directly from them as to whether they would suit your particular needs.



Mac, my understanding is that the surrounds come close to covering the screwholes but don't quite. I was hoping to just slightly expand them to cover the old screwholes.


i see. couldn't hurt to ask, though.

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