Pot Value for DeArmonds


I'm interested to know what the pot value should be for DeArmonds - 250k or 500K? I know it comes down to personal preference but I would like to know what Gretsch were installing in the 50s.


500K (usually) or 1M (less often) are what I've seen on '50s DeArmond-equipped Gretsches.


I installed CTS 1 meg pots in my Dynasonic Duo Jet. Billy Zoom from X recommended it on a thread here a few years ago and mentioned that the 50s Jets had 1 meg pots. It sounds great.


depends on the guitar - number of controls. I had a pair of T-Armonds in a telecaster (vol/tone controls), and I went to 250K fast - two 500K pots on those pickups in a solidbody were bright - and that's from someone who likes bright.


My Electro 2 has 1meg pots as did my Convertible


Many thanks for the insight guys.


50's Jets used 1 meg linear taper.


I can never understand the argument why all pots shouldn't be 1Meg.

You can make a 1M pot 500K just by turning the knob.

But you can't make a 500K pot 1M.

You can add a 1M resistor in parallel to a 1M pot to make it top out at 500K instead of 1M as well. But not the opposite.


No you can't. Not unless you only have two terminals connected.


So what do these different pots sound like? Never messed with this stuff and maybe others here are pondering


I installed 1M pots in my 6128-DSV wich also has original 50's DeArmonds. I recorded the guitar with the same amp setting before and after. I heard no difference in sound at all. It sounded great before and it sounds great now


Come on clever clogs, egg heads and tweakers....why? What does it do?


Come on clever clogs, egg heads and tweakers....why? What does it do?


Essentially you get more of the pickup, especially more treble the higher the pot values are. You see the differences with the preferred pot values for different kinds of pickups. Fender single coils tend to go with 250k pots, if you changed those for 500k pots, you’d probably end up with an unusable wiring because you get too much treble in most applications. P90s, Dearmonds and most humbuckers use 500k pots for the most part. Upping the values to 1000k/1Meg gives you more treble and some people think that especially Dearmonds really come to life when they go through the higher value pots. Personally I think that the construction of the guitar contributes a lot as well. I run a 1 Meg harness in my Country Club and love it, in my Jet I don’t think I’d like them that much. Different strokes for different folks.

I’d like to know why the preferred values changed. Is it that amps and speakers became more efficient and brighter?


Thanks Nick. I’m pondering over my Jet with T Armonds. I sometimes think it could feel less blanketed. I eq a fair amount to brighten it and have done the usual messin with pup height and pole pieces. Should try different pots I guess


In that case, go for it, it really does make a difference.


So a 1 meg volume pot would be good? Anything else? Just found an old thread and was thinking of following some ideas there. Thanks for the advice http://gretschpages.com/for...


No,I would replace all the pots with 1Meg, build a new harness. I think it’s less faff than changing one pot at a time. If you end up with more treble and volume than you bargained for, you can always dial back the master volume and treble.


Come on clever clogs, egg heads and tweakers....why? What does it do?

– Vince_Ray

It opened up the treble but it also opened up all the frequencies and allowed them to come through to the amp. For my Duo Jet changing to 1 meg pots felt like taking a compressor off or removing a blanket. It's a subtle change but it took my guitar from 95% awesome to 97%. Flipping my pickups added another 1 or 2%. Every guitar and every player are different though.

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