Pole piece hight / TV Jones VS Stock

I've noticed on the stock pickups they are very high, yet on my TV jones classics i've always seen them pictured low. I notice more twang out of the stock pickups than the Classics. Truth be told, i think i preffer the stock at certain times. I'm wondering what experiences others have had with pole height. Maybe i've been missing something after all this time?
TV Jones bridge pickups are taller so they don't need the pole pieces raised that much. What matters is the space between the string and the pole piece. I used TV's and Paul Setzer's info about pole piece adjustment as a guide line. The final height was determined by my ears.
I needed to jack my bridge down a smidge from recommended on my TV Classic Plus. Their was a noticeable volume difference between the neck and bridge. What Ratrod said is correct. The HS Filtertrons are lower, so without shimming them, you need to crank those poles up a bit.
I put both my HS Filters (6122-58) and TV classics (SSLVO) approx at the height recommended by TV Jones. The only difference is the pole piece height since the 6122-58 has a wound 3rd string and the SSLVO doesn't. Both guitars sound great - and quite different.

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