Piezo under the saddle of my 64 CC bridge


I make custom one piece bridges for all my archtops. They have compensated bone saddles and work great. I've always wanted to try a piezo under the bone saddle of one so I'm doing it on my recently restored 64 CC because it has such great inner access due to the giant hole in the back and a potential mix/switch sounds switch in the kill switch. (switch!). It sounds half decent. It's the element from a highlander attached to the preamp from a fishman B-band which works OK. There's one of those fishman archtop bridges here locally which I might pickup too. Don't really want to carry an extra amp or be at the mercy of a soundman to get a good guitar sound but it make for more versatility live.


I tried several styles of piezo to amplify my acoustic Epi Emperor.

The Pick-Up-The-World (PUTW) under the bridge style worked quite well. It has the appearance of woven metal mesh, made to the same dimensions​ as the bridge footprint.

They are popular with a wide range of artists and instruments.



Thanks. I have been thinking of doing this with my 5120 but with one output.


Just try to find a Baldwin Prismatone. Legendary piezo system that seems to work pretty well for Willie Nelson. Apparently tho, they're made of unobtanium.

The PUTW gear looks interesting. Working on stage and studio, trying to find a workable solution for a huge variety of unusual instruments was a daily problem. I've done shows with ancient instruments and a wide variety of world instruments. Miking some of them for live use could be a nightmare. These look like they'd be worth a try. Prices don't seem too out of line if the function as advertised.

Single output might be a problem. Like many piezos, these want a dedicated preamp. I'd think that you'd be stuck with two cables, or you'd have to come up with a stereo cable and sort that issue out.


Yeah All piezos want a preamp to sound half decent and then I put an eq pedal between me and wherever the signal is going so i can shape the sound to my liking. With the CC I can use stick velcro tape to mount the old pre and batter inside the CC (probably to the back) and then hardwire it to the kill switch for now. this is all just for experimentation and fun of course. I'm guessing it might not be practical live, I've just been pondering it for years The other option is to actually go stereo and maybe use the kill switch hole for another 1/4 jack


I seem to recall the Duane Eddy Gibson having a piezo.

Keep at it Toxopholite, it's a worthwhile endeavour.


I use the LR Baggs PARAacoustic DI...

– Twangmeisternyc

So does Leo Kottke. If it's good enough for him...

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