Pickups for a Korean bolt-neck Jet?


Workin' on a thing.

It has the stock Gretsch-logoed dumbuckers, won't do. I don't picture going the whole TVJ or Seymour thang, and I've been happy with the GFS pickups I've used in the past.

My first thought - which I come back to after going through the 112 humbuck-sized pups on the GFS site (probably half of which are just color variations, so only 56 varieties) - is Surf 90s. Or maybe a Surf 90 at the neck and Dream 90 at the bridge.

So the brief is definitely for single-coilish tones, but not wimpythin. But not FATP90 either.

But I'm distracted by GFS's gold-foil variants, which come as single coil and double coil, and in two different temperatures.

Aaaand I wonder about the twin-lipstick tubers...and GFS's new GF'Trons, a fresh volley in the Filter'Tron clone wars to supersede the old Retro'Trons, which I already have in two guitars (and which don't make me the happiest I've ever been).

Experience, opinions?


Despite the naysayers, I love the surf 90s in my Synchro Jet Pro. They are also matched with an Aluminum Tru-Arc. I also like the Mean90s in my Epi Riviera.


No more opinions?

Gold foil vs dual-lipstick tube? I'm looking for an appropriate combination of bright and body; my favorite pickups are Dynasonics (all flavors), followed by P90s, then Filters.

But I've never owned gold foils. (I played some in the 60s-70s...but that was a long time ago and auditory memory is especially volatile.)


Tim Another vote for Surf 90s. I have Surf 90s in my 2008 5120. I also have a 5420-T with blacktop filters (and an aluminum Serpentune).

The 5420 is a much nicer guitar, but I honestly like the sound of the Surf 90s in the 5120 WAY better.

There’s clear differences between neck, both & bridge pickup sounds that I’m not hearing from the blacktops. Deep and resonant with from neck position clear and chimney from mid, sharp and barky from the bridge.

I hear very little difference between neck & mid with the blacktops.


maybe a set of Off Kiltertrons?

Well yeah. I guess I have a set just doing the backstroke here, waiting to go in the 2420 after the alleged 3-way 6120/5420/2420 shootout. But I still intend to do all that, and I thought I wanted them to end up in the 2420, not this Jet.

Although that gets me thinking...why not?

Aaaand...I have a set of English-mount TV Setzer Sig'Trons also waiting for a project I doubt I'll ever get to. So that's an option hmm.

Still, I like dem Surf 90s.

No one speaks in favor of goldfoils...too delicate for a utility Jet?


You may want to try Rose Mozart pickups. I ordered a custom pair for a custom guitar. You can read my review here.

Made in the USA is a bonus. I have to thank Bear for turning me on to Rose pickups. I miss that guy around here.


Gold foil pickups can be great (the DeArmond ones, the Japanese teisco ones, and the repros of both styles), but those current cheap Asian made pickups advertised as "gold foils" are just trying to cash in on a trend, and are usually some cheap variety of single coil or humbucker with a decorative piece of foil in there that have nothing to do with what's we now cal "gold foil" pickups (what the DeArmond originals and the Japanese 60's ones have in common is a rubberized magnet and very thin coil wire, like a 44 or a 45)

If you're looking for a cool flavor of single coil pickup that is unlike anything you currently have in your arsenal, look at the pickup section on the Supro site. The Vista Tone repros they sell are humbucker sized (originals were close to that size, but not close enough to work that way) and are a pretty unique sounding pickup. Almost P90 power, but with a much brighter high end that's almost like a Hilotron but not as brittle.

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