Pickup surface cleaning


Anyone have a tip on how to safely remove oxidation from a vintage chrome-style filtertron? It recently developed some greenish copper-style area's... what cleaning material and technique would you use? thanks...


Quik-Glo is a great chrome polish, non-abrasive and comes with its own cotton applicator, but I don't know if it plays well with guitar finishes. It smells really petroleum distillate-ish. I've used it to great success on tailpieces. I'd recommend it if you plan to pull the covers and re-install.


I usually start with WD-40. If that doesn't work Barkeeper's Friend is a good household cleaner for anything metal. I haven't found anything for really heavy corrosion, but those work great on light stuff. Both safe for finishes.


A lot of guys go for the standard dampened steel wool. Big mistake. It ends up all over the magnetic poles. Try dipping strips of aluminum foil in Coca Cola and rub. Works great on rusty Schwinn wheels!


There are mild chrome polishes available.

If you want to go even milder: a damp/wet cloth and (cigarette) ash will do the trick.


Whatever you do to clean it off (I'm a Simichrome and Mother's fan). Put some wax on it afterwards. The wax will keep moisture away from the steel under the chrome.


A belated thanks to all of you - got the easy stuff off with WD 40 and will now try a few other methods - the wax is a really helpul tip for last.

The bonus is that I took a peek under the hood of the 1958 6125 - at least to a point. I have had it for 15 plus years and never needed to - as it has never given an issue. The pickup ring has faded a bit, but all else looks really good in that area.

On a side condition note, the binding is still in great shape, virtually perfect (knock on wood) - certainly in comparison to my '69 Jet Firebirdcrumbles. Not sure if it is from a difference between the binding material, the method - or both. Or due to the simple fact that the Anniversary has primarily been a closet classic compared to the road tested - and road loved - Firebird.

thx again all - Jerry

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