P90’s in a streamliner!


Hello all! This is my first thread on GP. I absolutely love my 2622 (hardtail). The neck is perfect for my hands and it's very playable for me.... however, I didn't buy it for the Gretsch sound, or even knew anything about the history of the brand and why people love them so much. I purchased it because it was close to my budget and felt AMAZING from the second I took it off the wall. I don't, however, love the broad'trons. I really wanted to buy a single coil guitar but the gretsch, for the money, had me in love. Does anyone know where I can find adapters to fit p90's and what changes I should make as far as pots and caps? Any information would be fantastic.

I have grown to absolutely love the oldschool gretsch sound, by the way, I'm just not trying to reproduce that sound in particular. I'm sure you all understand.


Steve B


There are some manic P-90 fans here-- I am sure they will be speaking up.


There are plenty of Humbucker-sized P90s available that you could install.


Are the routs in my guitar humbucker sized? I suppose I can measure them.


Well, I’ll assume the dollars count (as you mentioned the guitar was just close to your budget). Unless you completely stole it, I can’t help but wonder if you’ll have more in the guitar plus the replacement parts than you’d have in a guitar that comes with P90s. (Assuming you also get it at a good price - there’s always Reverb, the true musician’s friend - and that you sell the first one. And if you DID get a steal of a price, you might even show some profit on the resale.)

QC and playability on these Streamliners is so consistent there’s not much worry of getting a bad one.

For my purposes, a Gretsch without a Bigsby is incomplete. But if you don’t get along with them, and are committed to a hard-tail, carry on.

In any case, I’m in full agreement that the stock pickups are not special. I guess I just prefer the appearance of a guitar made for regulation-sizenshape P90s over one with humbucker-formfactor retrofits.


Either way I go, I'll do it frugality due to necessity. Being a mechanic I have an inherent need to tinker with all my possessions to see what makes them tick, so I was going to make this the first "project" guitar I mess with and change the pickups myself. I'm really just looking for information on what may fit and what people have had good luck with tonally in the past.

It's worth noting I'm playing it exclusively through a fender hot rod deluxe III with no effects or anything OR di to my laptop via a focusrite scarlett. I have a very nice strat I got for a flip, should make some profit off of it to pay for these mods. My "music stuff" budget is entirely separate from the rest of my life due to it being a hobby rather than profession.

I love sparkling cleans, crunchy blues/country tones, and really heavy metal, but I have an best up old bc rich for the metals. Thanks for the help folks and, if theres info on what will fit, if I need some hind of adapter, and viable pots/caps for tone stuff, all info helps for i am new and YouTube only provides so much info


Disclaimer, the bc rich and metal tones are used exclusively through the computer... no sense in plugging into the hot rod with it.


According to my measurements, the Broad'Trons are 2.75" x 1.5", with mounting holes in the rings at 3-1/16" center-to-center.

That's identical to the specs of the 'buckers in my guitars so equipped.

Soapbar P90s are 3-3/8" x 1-3/8" - so both wider side-to-side and shorter top-to-bottom than humbuckers. Putting P90s on a guitar with humbuckers is an age-old situation, and there's nothing unique about the Streamliner that makes a conversion different from any others.

All of which is good for you: any info you find on the web about P90 humbucker replacement will apply. Many pickup vendors have either/both a P90 to fit in humbucker ring, or some method of conversion if you want the P90s to look like P90s.

This thread has gotten less response from our resident modders than I would expect - maybe because the topic is posed as an exclamation rather than a question. You can go into your first post and edit it (find "edit" in the dropdown menu at lower right under all posts, where it says "Reply"). You can edit the title itself.

It's likely it's been overlooked by guys with experience putting P90s in a Gretsch because "P90s in a Streamliner!" sounds like an excited announcement of the Streamliner P90 model which recently came out, and which some of us have. "Ideas for putting P90s in a Streamliner?" or something to that effect might get you more direct technical suggestions.

In general, TV Jones' T-90s conversions get a lot of love around here (but they'll cost as much as you paid for the guitar); at the economy end of the scale, many of us like Guitar Fetish/GFS's pickups. I've used them happily on several guitars. If I wanted to drop P90s in a 'bucker guitar with minimum hassle (and without drilling holes in the guitar), I'd go to GFS's Humbucker-size Pickups page and check out the Mean 90s and Dream 90s. There's about a dozen choices there.

For pots, caps, and adapters...the thread will have to attract the guys who understand you're wanting to mod a guitar, rather than those who misinterpret the title as excitement about a Gretsch that already has P90s!

Hope that helps a little.


My first suggestion was going to be talk to TV Jones. Or if you are lucky you may be able to find someone who wants to dispose of the Broad'trons in their Proline PS Jet or similar - I believe the Broad'trons in the Proline Gretsches are a different pickup - they sure sound great. They can do sparkly cleans and punchy dirt very well.

Other than that a T-90 in HB mount sounds like what you want. If you want real dog-ear P90s and don't mind doing irreversible mods to your guitar (well, just a little screw hole each side of the pickup) then see if you can find some Gibson low-wind dog-ear P90s. For height adjustment Jadson Lollar sells shim kits made of black fibre board which will both lift the pickups closer to the strings and also cover any original pickup surround holes. The P90s in recent Gibson ES-330s and ES-225s are some of the best sounding I have heard, and not too high output that they are just all midrange. Great pickups.


Seeing that guitar has full-size humbuckers, that's fairly easy. From very boutique and expensive to very cheap, you'll find most pickup makers these days offer a humbucker sized p90.


My favorite humbucker sized P90s that I have in my guitars are the Kent Armstrong models and the Seymour Duncan Phat Cats. The Kent Armstrong humbucker sized P90s are really clear sounding and more of a vintage P90 vibe. The Phat Cats have more of the P90 warm mid-range sound.

Kent Armstrong

Seymour Duncan Phat Cat

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