P-90’s in a Humbucker Mount


From the HB P90s I've tried I never noticed a big difference in the covers. FWIW the Mean 90s I have (black) are metal covers, and I don't think it does anything detrimental.

Thanks for the info on the Schecter pups. I haven't had much time to do any digging on that guitar since I got it. I do know they made a few limited run goldtops, but from what I understand there are only about 40 of these.


Seymour Duncan Phat Cats are the way to go. GFS Mean 90's are OK but the Phat Cats are worth the price difference. I've tried both.


Not really lovin' the stock PAF style 'buckers in my Fujigen Les Paul copy. I'm a big P-90 fan and was considering a pair of P-90's in a humbucker cover. I know most of the boutique pu companies make them but I'm on a real tight budget with this one. Anyone have any experience with the GFS Mean 90's ? The Mean 90's are allegedley P-90's squeezed into a standard 'bucker cover. They also make a Dream 90. I've read some good things about the Mean 90's on some other sites. The Dream 90's, not so good. At $34.99 a pop they fit the budget....any thoughts?

– Gretschadelphia

yes, had great ex[perience with the GFS P90s and also with their P90 shaped humbuckers. Their wiring diagrams suck but for that I just go to Seymour Duncan


"Gibson P94 is the humbucker sized p90 pup I believe."

Actually it's the other way round. A P94 is a soapbar P90-sized humbucker. When mounted in a guitar it seems almost impossible to tell them apart — at least visually. The P94s don't seem to be all that popular, although I get the impression that a lot of folks don't like them simply because they don't sound like what they look like — which is hardly surprising since under the hood they're not P90s.


I'm just now installing one of these in the bridge position of my new '59 Country Gentleman. Link


Gretschadelphia, did you ever make a decision here?

Billy, how does the Kent Armstrong sound?


I'm just now installing one of these in the bridge position of my new '59 Country Gentleman. Link

– Billy Zoom

Did you have to cut a bigger hole in your guitar for this to fit?

That eBay seller is from my hometown of Camp Hill, PA! It's a suburb across the Susquehanna River on the West Shore of Harrisburg.


I have a set of Phat Cat P90's in my guitar and the sound is amazing. They were a breeze to install because they are will fit any humbucker cavity/mount.

You might find this article of use: Seymour Duncan Phat Cat Review

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