Other “Gretschy” pickup options besides TV Jones?


I recently got the deal of the century on a red hollowbody Godin 5th avenue with a bigsby in excellent condition. Guitar has humbucker pickup mounts and is currently sporting Fralin Twangmasters in it which are not doing it for me- they don't handle grit well to my ears. They seem to be more like a strat than a 'tron.

Any other recommendations for pickups that will convert it into my "red falcon" other than something produced by TV jones? I am considering TV jones but also Dimarzio EJ signatures. Any other makers out there I should consider?


There are quite a few Gretsch made pickups you could stick into it. Lots of variety there as well. Just avoid the mini hums.


TV Jones has plenty of humbucker mount options, Lollar has humbucker sized 'Trons, those are probably your best options if you're located in the US.

If you're in Europe, check out The Creamery and Mojo pickups in the UK, they have bucker sized Filtertron replacements too.

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