Original Gretsch stereo pickups


Very few stereo guiitars made around 1960? Do I recall seeing stereo Hi Lo Trons on one of them?

Since I am eaten up with a stereo idea for 3 bass strings and 3 guitar strings, I have to be better informed on how Gretsch was adapting the newfangled stereo concept to guitars.

BTW I think I mentioned that TVJ has stock stereo pickups coming this summer.


Hey also it appears that some of the stereo Chets from 10 yrs ago were converted back. Seen two sets of the pickups for sale.

This set sold for $400


Here's a dude trollin for for $700(!)


Anyone want to speculate on a good price for a set of these ... in case any turn up??


I'd wait for the TVJones as he could advise you best on the bass strings and yeah, Gretsch did make a HiLo Annie version. IIRC there were two different vintage versions; I'm sure TVJ has made the best of those versions.


Well I did hear from him and he says this summer -- with .40 center to center of poles spacing. I am sure they won't be cheap but they will be good.

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