OMG new TVJ SINGLE COIL Tele pickups!!!!


Holy mother of God.... those sound good..... but I'd have to buy another guitar to put them in.....

They might actually sound better than the T-Armonds they demoed in the tele last NAMM.....



Man they sound great!!!!!! Great!


But they don't beat a Hi Lo Tron no way... nothing does.


Is it a Tele...or a Gretsch...or a ????

Should be available soon according to the video. I just need to find a body and neck to host these pickups...(LOL)


My big question is:

Tom, do these actually sound like the filter-mount T-Armonds in the tele? If not, how would you describe the difference?

I have a Cabronita Thinline that I was just about to place an order for (T-Armonds)... but now.... seriously considering these instead (and yes, I literally would have to buy another tele to put them in LOL)

for reference:


I bet I have a Tele that needs these!


They sound great. I see Billy back there!


They sound great. I see Billy back there!

– Rattlecat

Yeah, Billy is hard to miss...

(Can't blame him...I'd love to be at the TV Jones display too!)


look cool...sound great...that guys some picker..and good to see bz lookin good

good stuff



Interesting tidbit:

A poster from another forum talked to Tom about these, and he said Tom is using 250K pots with them.... which I assumed, being a telecaster..... not necessarily going for a Grestch tone, ya know? Anyway, he's got a question in to TVJ asking how similar these are to T-Armomds, as some of us have the Cabronitas and if I can get that T-style sound on that video by using T-A's with 250K pots, DONE. IMMEDIATELY.


I'd like to know about all the electronic tidbits they're using. In fact it would be cool if TV also sells a pot/capacitor kit or recommends which ones to use to get the most out of these pickups. I was already planning to change the pickups in my Tele next month, so this is a timely announcement for me.


aw... crap... there's another $250 bucks i've got to set aside.


I wonder what's happening with the big single-coils he debuted at the previous NAMM.


I missed those "big single coils".... they look like Filter-mount T-90s.


I think they are sort of a T' armond in an F mount, but with no moving poles and/or a T90 with the T'armond poles. I'm very interested.


Those pickups reminded me of these from a Fender Custom Shop Guild.


tv jones extra mojo aside..they appear to have dearmond cylinder sized mags...which are larger than fender mags..and are wound with thinner wire..probably #44 or #45...the standard tele neck pup is #43 wire

these will probably have a higher resistance and inductance...also he opened up the tone a bit by removing the full cover but still protected it from excess noise by using the open cover

good stuff

interestingly, gfs already tried the oversize mag trick..but used #42 wire




Tom on the differences between the T-Armond and the new tele pickups:

The new Tele set is very similar, but also like a Tele set of pickups with a slight attitude, because I used our USA-made T-Armond magnets and custom T-Armond magnet wire. They are in the shape of a Tele (tall and narrow), and the bridge pickup has a steel base plate (compression, more inductance). I also like a Tele bridge pickup in a steel bridge. The magnetic field is broadened. The neck pickup is full and harmonic, unlike stock Tele neck pickups.


MY question would be this:

I was hoping for more of a "tonal comparison" response tho I hear more low end in the T-Armonds, and while they are drop-ins for my Cabronita, more low end is NOT what to needs. I like the tighter low end of the t-syles better anyway.... someone suggested getting the T-A's, since they are drop-in for the Cab, and adding a bass rolloff circuit. I've actually done that, with success, to muddy neck humbuckers in the past...


Not listed on his site yet.

Edit: they are listed just not under products, a little hard to find. Just ordered a set.

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