NPD- Alameda set in my 6128


So, the verdict is in and these are amazing. Frank G. has already done a very thorough video of all the sounds you can get out of our own Mel Waldorf's handmade Alameda pickups.

In essence, through some brilliant electro-mechanical genius, Mel has managed to get SIX distinct and extremely usable sounds -three single coil and three humbucking- out of each pickup. This is what a Varitone equipped 345 or L6S guitar could have been if their designers had been as brilliant as Mel.

It's significantly different than a simple coil-splittable humbucker. A four-conductor humbucker is typically wound to sound good as a humbucker, and if you split the coils, you get...whatever one coil sounds like, which is typically meh. With Alameda pickups each of the six windings available are specifically voiced to provide well-known classic pickup tones, and I have to say they do the job well.

I now have one cool guitar that can get every tone I need to cover all the sounds my band's tunes need. Yes, I am psyched!


After getting the pup set from Mel, I took it to my local guitar shop (an extremely well-known and usually excellent outfit) to install and, having never seen anything like these before, they completely buggered the install, despite the set and 6-way switch arriving pre-wired AND being given a wiring diagram to boot. I wanted the 6-way in the horn (replacing the master volume) and the Duo Jet needed a bit of routing in the cavity to accommodate the larger switch, which they did beautifully.

After getting the guitar back and quite upset that they had botched the install, I contacted Mel to get some advice that might help them get it right. Instead, being the super awesome guy that he is, he offered to redo if for me. He's just across The Bay from me, so I took him up on it and he easily got it sorted.

This was a cool guitar before. Now it's unique, versatile and even cooler. THANKS MEL!!!


Very slick-looking, and the pickups are pretty darn cool, too.


Paul, it was great to see you and I'm glad we were able to get your guitar up and running quickly. Pictures don't do justice to the color of this guitar folks - I'd call this color "mile deep maroon"

I'm finishing up another batch of pickups so I'll have more soon for anyone who might be interested.... :)


Very cool guitar, and a great story about two friends sorting out a problem. That really is a spectacular color, and an intriguing wiring scheme.


Wade, here's a demo I made of the Off Kiltertrons:


I bought one and soldered it myself. And I'm strictly amateur at this kind of stuff. Mel was really helpful all the way through the process and recognised that each customer and guitar was going to present a different set of requirements for installation. He couldn't have helped more and it worked first time....leaving me scratching my head about how clever it was! Plus my favourite settings in a blind test were the dynasonic and filtertron positions which helped me confirm that I hadn't been crazy in all these years of favouring those pickups!

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