NEW TV Jones Filtertrons - “most accurate Filtertron ever” ???


It's official....I'm now in Day 2 of playing my 90'Jet with these new pups, and I love them, the Neck is twang city and the bridge is honestly the most complex Bridge pup I've ever played through...all this right out of the box...Thanks TV, home run for sure


My HS Filtertrons (HSF) are:

neck : 4.11 k ohms bridge: 4.74 k ohms

The TV Jones/Ray Butts (TVRB) are:

neck: 3.8k ohms bridge: 4.2k ohms

I'll bet they are almost indiscernibly similar. The bridge HSF and TVRB, both use standard spacing. The "output" is very similar (e.g. 90%) and I am 99% certain that both use a 1/4", alnico V magnet. Though I would be interested to hear the new ones.

– ZackyDog

They are built different or rather the construct is similar but not the same down the fact that the covers are not even soldered to the base plate and the magnets sit free. I've pulled tons of stock filters out, and while you have a very nice set of pickups..they are not Ray Butts Filtertrons. Is it worth spending the money on em for every gretsch, I'm not sure.. I dont want them in my tonepost 99' SSU, I love the Setzer Sigs in that guitar, they are perfect!

Although.. It was the right thing for my G6120SSU-BK. I was not liking the Setzer Sigs w the trestle braced body.. wayy too bright on the unwound strings and lean in the low mids. Most likely my ear wants to hear a tone post instead of trestles in this guitar, but the Ray Butts actually corrected all of that and more so, deSetzer'd the guitar and made it sound more like a very vintage instrument in its response. This is me fooling around w a new prototype I'm workin on.. the butts loaded gretsch, the "chamberb" and bassman amp. A clean sound. https://www.instagram.com/p...

and here is the butts gretsch w the tone switch on w a couple pedals; the Strymon Sunset into the Mystery Brain w a short slapback, dark n dirty. https://www.instagram.com/p...


I got a set around the beginning of Feb. and put them in my 2008 6136T-LTV. Having once owned a 58 6120 & a 61 6120 as well as a couple of59 6124's, my ears are accustomed to hearing the early FilterTron's. I had a set of FilterTron's from 1966 in the White Falcon and a couple years back tried a Setzer Sig in the bridge. I found it to be closest to that original sound/tone. Tom's new pickups are right there! As Tavo said he had all the metal parts analyzed. This includes one serious part.. The magnet wire! The magnet wire made in the 1950's & early 60's is very different as it had a lot of impurities in the "copper" wire that modern copper wire does not have. The bottom plates are like the originals as well. I could not be happier with the way my White Falcon sounds now. I also have an original 1965 wiring harness in it(and early V cutout Bigsby and original Grover Imperials). so electronically it's right there with the early FT Falcon's. To my ears these are the Best FilterTron replica's made!

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