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I'm new here and I've got a question. I have an orange 5120 that I have had for little over a year and I've decided that I want to get rid of the stock pickups. I play southern gospel at a small country church and I'm been looking at the pickup line from GFS.

The sound I'm really looking for is something like Les Paul, BB King, or Chet Atkins in the neck and Duane Eddy in the bridge.I'm looking at possibly putting a Dream 180 in the neck and another Dream 180 or Dream 90 in the bridge. Has anyone ever used these pickups and has anyone modded a 5120 with them? If you have what did you think of them?



something almost like this ???

Here's my original thread. In hindsight the Dream 180 is a little hot, but this guitar has the most dynamic range of all of my Gretsch's.


Man, but that guitar looks sharp afm_380! I like the looks of those pickups in a 5120. I'm trying to decided between these and the Retrotrons. I been watching and listening to videos on Youtube of various guitars with these in it to get an idea of how they sound.

I like the Dream 90, but more than likely I will probably replace the stock pickups with humbuckers of some kind. I want to keep as much of the original wiring as it is if possible. It'll probably come down to the Dream 180 or the Retrotron Memphis or Nashvilles. The TV Jones are nice too but more than I want to pay.

Thanks for the post and the thread

TwangGospel said: he sound I'm really looking for is something like Les Paul, BB King, or Chet Atkins in the neck and Duane Eddy in the bridge.

Deed will probably correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that what we think of as "classic Duane Eddy twang" is mostly the neck pickup - and you can't get anywhere near that sound with a humbucker IMO..


sounds like you may want to look at these pickups.

Dimarzio Bluesbucker

"And now for something completely different: the Bluesbucker™ looks like a standard humbucker, but sounds like a P90 and cancels 60-cycle hum as effectively as the average humbucker. This means any guitar with standard size humbuckers can now have the sound of P90s without altering the guitar in any way and without noise."

or maybe The EJ "Although Eric Johnson is best known as a Strat® player, he has always played humbucker-equipped guitars as well. After getting a new Les Paul® 1959 re-issue, Eric asked us if it could be made to sound like an old Gretsch® Country Gentleman guitar."

Descriptions from the Dimarzio website.

These combinations or set of one or the other may help.


I agree a P90 or a DynaSonic in the neck position is a must. Hot humbuckers by design have too much mid boost for the classic twang especially at the neck position. If you decide on a humbucker in this position I'd suggest staying away from the 'hot' variations.


Well I've made up my mind. I decided to order two GFS Retrotron Memphis pickups for the 5120. I liked the sound samples of it better than anything else out there and I really didn't want to overall the wiring harness of the guitar ( at least not this guitar!) I knew that if I went from humbucker to single coils the pots and the caps. They just seem to be more Gretsch-like.

I AM thinking about putting the Dream 90 in another guitar I've got: an Epiphone DOT. The Dot is a good playing guitar but just about everything electrical, including the pickups, is plain junk! Everything about the Gretsch Electromatics, even the Gretschbuckers, is way better in quality than what EPI puts in their guitars. Basically I'll put Dream 90's in it and convert to a semi-hollowbody version of the Epi Casino. But that will come after I'm done with the Gretsch.

Thanks for the help folks.

without altering the guitar in any way

where is the fun in that?

fauves said: where is the fun in that?

Damn right:) <img src="Photobucket" alt="" />

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