New P90 day… but different…


Arriving today: a set of Vintage Vibe (Pete Biltoft) P90s in Filtertron covers!

problem: not sure what guitar to put them in.

I originally ordered them for the Hot Rod, actually looking to get more of the P90/ES295 kinda thing out of it, PLUS my Thinline Cabronita also has Filtertrons, and I really want each of my guitars to have their own sound... but I've been loving the Hot Rod (with Setzer Sigs) so much since I bought the Supro Tremoverb, I am hesitant to pull them out. (plus I HATE HATE HATE working on hollowbodies. Biggest PITA on this, or any other, planet.)

Or I could just drop them in the Cab... which I also have a B5 Bigsby sitting here waiting to be installed on. But those Filterttrons are NOT normal Filtertrons... they are from Rio Grande, are overwound, and have a very healthy dose of PAF tone in them... most people around here would probably say they "lacked sparkle", but to me the have "oomph" and warmth, which I prefer to sparkle.

Decisions decisions!!!


I bet these would sound fantastic in something like a 5422.

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