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Dynasonics on the cheap? I wonder how these will sound.


I knew if I waited long enough, I'd figure out what I wanted to replace the Gretschbuckers in my 5120 with...


Damn i put off buying dream/mean 90's for over a year and finally got some dream 90 about a month or 2 ago, i wish i would have waited a little longer.


Dammit!!! I just bought a Dream 90 last night after waiting for this...unbelievable...I want them.


Quoting GFS

We did not try and recreate the original's complicated "elevator" mechanism- the setscrews are there to add some cosmetic appeal and they obviously do have a magnetic affect- but the key is the big fat Alnico II slug magnets- and that chunky flat coil and the fiber bobbin plates-

Took a little while to dial these in right- i wanted the clear Dynasonic high end with a touch of Filtertron grind...Dynasonics could be brittle- and these have a bit more bottom end...Not sure anything is as good as a pair of really GOOD old Dynasonics- but to my ears I prefer these to any of the reissues.

So the screws dont move the magnets


woah. these are going straight into the new samick 335 copy!


I think these might replace my Nashvilles. What's funny is now my 5129 will have humbuckers and my 5120 will have singles.


I can't find them for sale on the guitar fetish website.


What a good idea, but what a lame soundclip! How about some non-muted chords? From what I could tell , though, they sound nice.


Using set-height magnets with slugs that large is just asking for the kind of deeply painful adjustment procedures necessary to get, e.g., a Tele with hot PUs balanced from string to string.

drmilktruck said: I can't find them for sale on the guitar fetish website.

According to Jay from GFS (on another forum): "Should have them up by tomorrow..."


Hmm...they look like drop-in replacements for standard PAF style mounts, which means at least the bodies can be raised/lowered or angled. I don't think anybody should be looking at these as replacements for the pu's on any Pro series MIJ Gretsches, but as a drop-in for a 5120 or Ibanez Artcores, etc they could be killer mods for little $$$$$.


Maybe I don't have any humour tonight, but that's pretty lame to "add" adjustment screws just for any price.


J(ust an old cowboy) said: that's pretty lame to "add" adjustment screws just for looks.....

I agree.


I'm kinda with you JD, I don't like the fact that they added them for looks essentially, but I think they'll be worth a shot. I'm a big GFS fan (own 4 sets and have installed others) so I'm fairly confident that they'll be decent pups.

I don't think anyone should expect it to sound just like a Dyna, but I'm sure it's got a good tone all it's own. I really love the Mean 90s I have, and for PAF style buckers the Crunchy Pats are pretty damn hard to beat at any price point to me. If I can sell some of my other GFS pups (the Retrotrons I have aren't doing what I want them to, although they are good pickups, just not the tone in my head) I'll pick up a set of these for sure.


Rip, I'm just pissy tonight.

Sound is what really matters, and the company does seem to have a lot of customers that are happy.

They should just fire the marketing idiot, or the one who hired him/her for this stunt.

Did I mention that I was pissy tonight


Dyna Look-alikes. Bah, who needsem?

But does that say that Dynasonics are gaining in visibility and popularity to the point that it's worth making pickups that just LOOK like them?

Wonder how different these will really sound from NYIIs, which are pretty powerful, punchy single-coils in a Dyna-like form factor?

Or ARE they NYIIs in a humbucker form?

I'm curious, but got no guitars at the moment needing cheap thrills in this form...


JD, that wasn't necessarily directed at you. I just had a little more time to think (and type) about my thoughts than I did before.

I have a lot of HB equipped guitars, and am learning I don't like a lot of humbuckers (filters excluded) anymore, so I'm excited about anything I can drop in like this.

But again, the pole pieces are silly.


I know that rip, no problem.

And, I certainly understand your feelings about buckers.

The only bucker that I love is a Filtertron, otherwise I'm single coil guy.

I guess I had that 335 with PAF's for too many years, and never did get a sound out of it that I really was pleased with.

If there were "drop in" singles back then, I might still have that one.


I think it's deceiving, having those fake screws. How many people will fall for them, thinking they can adjust those poles? Then you tell me I should read better because it's written clearly that they are fake, but I don't like obligatory reading to avoid disappointment. However nice they sound, they should have no screws. Bit like Magnas?


I can see a new trend of these instead of Retrotronns Going in 5120's.. It's kinda a Dyna look, GFS really don't sound all that bad, and you can get the "Dyna vibe" in a Orange 5120.. Or Epiphone Swingster. ROFL..

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