Need help identifying a pickup model.


GRETSCHings, all!

I'd like to kindly request your help on something.

I was fortunate enough to be gifted a TON of equipment from my (now retired) Luthier as an incentive to start digging into and learning the craft. One of the things inside the box he gave me is a beautiful pair of Gretsch Humbuckers with all the electronics along with it, but, since there's no guitar attached to it, I can't be certain about which model they are. :(

If someone could help me out with this I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


Second image cause I didn't know how to upload two at once.


Modern Getsch buckers or " Broadtrons" I can never remember the moniker. Basically standard humbuckers put in a filtertron looking cover with Gretsch put on it. Generally found on the low end modern models. usually swapped out but some people quite like them.

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