More spank and jangle: Super HiLoTron or Blacktop Filtron


I’ve NEVER found a video of anyone using a filtertron with poles removed to get a hilotron sound. I’ve heard OF it though.

Any clues? Anyone here actually done it?

– Vince_Ray

I've actually done a few times, that's why I mentioned it. I've never bothered to make a video of it. I generally find guitar videos to be less than helpful in actual real life. Too many variables in recording /listening devices and too many people playing the same distorted blues solos!!

I've tried it on modern blacktop filtertrons, vintage 72 blacktop filtertrons (same as 60s filtertrons just with gold hilotron covers(I've compared both, they're identical in construstion) 1965 filtertrons and 1958 filtertrons. It's as easy as it sounds (unscrew poles!) to do and undo) and it works pretty well the the same in all these incarnations of filtertrons.

All the above incarnations of filtertrons except for the new ones are all pretty well identical in construction . The new BT filtertrons are almost the same except they use an 1/8" alnico magnet. The DC resistance of all of them is in the same ballpark.


If you're electronically inclined, it's not difficult to add a coil tap to Filtertrons. Not a lot of output, but very jangly.


When I think jangle, these pickups come to mind:

TV Jones Magnatrons Dynasonics Hilotrons

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