Mighty Mite wtf


Just noticed this in a write up about departed great EVH.

It seems to suggest that Duncan was involved with Mighty Mite pickups. I remember in the mid 70s when the aftermarket pickup scene was just starting there were 3 players: DiMarzio, Schecter, and Mighty Mite.

" Van Halen used a variety of pickups including 1970s Mighty Mites, which were made by Seymour Duncan and were copies of DiMarzio Super Distortion pickup."


Are you saying he wasn't involved with making them?

I don't know the history of this, so I'm ignorant of Seymour's place in all this.


I have no idea -- never heard this claim before. Could be true -- or not. His name was not around then but it sure is now...


seymour duncan has been known pickup ace since the early 70's!!....his famous tele trade with jeff beck prior to blow by blow...he had ads in the back of the guitar magazines as well...he also did do design work

other pickup makers in that era were the great red rhodes(velvet hammers),the pickup scientist- bill lawrence & bill bartolini

these guys were the real early pickup geniuses..mighty mite and schecter just used their knowledge and incorporated pickups into their guitar parts marketing



Ha! Interesting - I poked around and found this -


– Devil's Tool

That pretty much answers my question -- he was part of the Mighty Mite scene -- my antique memory states I heard about di Marzio first, Mightty Mite, second, and Schecter 3rd. This is all mid-70s time.


To me it's interesting in the respect that people who were doing that type of thing in the 70's (in any disciplne) get to rewrite history when nobody else can remember it. The internet can, of course, do it's part to introduce new information (factually correct or not).

If the estates of famous musicians didn't exist and you had enough unscrupulous "independent verifiers" that could say, "Yes, this person used brand XXXXX and we make historical replicas of them! Buy now!"

I'm sure it's already happened, I'm just not thinking of any examples. I am involved in a thread on OSG.com about the mythical "Gibson Thunderbolt" / Flying Z which recently got a new addition to the story.

Musical instruments and their accoutrements are such a weird part of humanity. Love it though!

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