Magna’Trons vs Dynas (or other DeArmond Clones)


Before there were T'Armonds, TV Jones came out with Magna'Trons with Alnico Polepieces instead of screws. They are said to provide a similar sound to the DeArmond (the real ones) in humbucking format. For those who have tried them, what do you think? How do they compare? Are they a tamer version or just quieter?


They are a humbucking Dynasonic. They play well with Filtertrons too. I had one in the bridge of my '89 6120 (TVJ Classic in the neck) and if you roll off the volume it almost sounds like Filtertron. Tame they aren't because you will be rewarded with all sorts growl and twang when you turn them up. I'm surprised that more people haven't tried them.


I've always been curious to try these pickups. I love the attack of alnico pole slugs and love the non humming properties of a good humbucker.


Holger does a good comparison with Dearmond 2000 pups and Magnatrons here.


I could listen to Holger all day and appreciate his demo playing the same thing for the pickup and position. It drives me nuts when people compare pickups but play something different for each. Holger’s way is much easier for comparison imo. As per the above video, I can hear a little difference but don’t know if a change is worth the time and money; ymmv. Thanks for posting Vince.


I don’t think that there is anything that Holger could play that wouldn’t sound fantastic. But these sound especially good. I now have a set coming for my ProJet.


The Magnas have always intrigued me, because the poles are magnets (this is why I bought T-Armonds, which I LOVE). But every time I have heard Magnas being played, they are hellaciously bright- ALOT brighter than any other TVJ pickup, including T-As. In that demo, they don't sound as bright as I remember...

I do remember TVJ used to have "tone charts" for his pickups, but even that got confusing because he had 2 different tone charts which, over time, didn't even quite correlate with each other... I'd love to hear how the Mganas really sound with having to spend the $$$...

I wish I would have kept copies of those charts, for reference. Here is the current chart he's using.

It's interesting tho, because I hear the TAs as more "middle of the road" and warmer than Classics/Setzers, so not sure how many grains of salt to take with this....


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