LollarTron Pickup


Here is Jason Lollar's take on the FilterTron -


Sounds pretty tasty!


They sound like Gretsch HS Filtertrons to me which I guess is the point. I love that sound so yeah, they sound great!


Sorry, not my cup of tea.

– Joesasser

Curious to know more.


That was some tasty playing in the demo. I liked the sound of the neck and middle position but not the bridge. It's odd but Jason Lollar seems to do things right but I've never found a Lollar pickup which didn't sound sterile to me. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear that demo.

TV Jones does it for me. I can't fault the Classics. And I think he has paved the way for everyone else doing the Filter'tron thing.


I like Lollar's take on the Filtertron. He based it on an actual set that went through his job from a vintage Country Gentleman. It's definitely warmer and fuller sounding than a TV Jones pickup. I love it personally.


Curious to know more.

– Lacking Talent

Does not sound like any Filtertron, to me. The HS Filtertrons are better than this, to my ears.


The pickups sound great, and I was thoroughly impressed with your playing Polecats!


The pickups sound great, and I was thoroughly impressed with your playing Polecats!

– Wade H

Wade thanks but that’s actually not me. I wish I could play that well. This is a guy I follow on YouTube who not only plays well but has great guitars.


Tim Lerch is a phenomenal player and can make anything sound good, but I think these do indeed sound different from TVJs, but as to whether I'd like them better or not, I dunno. I have a set of Lollar P-90s in my Eastman t64v, and I LOVE those, but they're a different animal from a Filter'tron altogether. I'd give Jason the benefit of the doubt if I were shopping for pickups. Well, I AM shopping for pickups, but will probably go with TVJ Classic/Classic+ in a Dynasonic mount if I determine they'll fit in the same space as the DeArmond 2000s that are in that guitar now.


Tim Lerch could play a Squier Affinity Strat on the bridge pickup through the matching amp and make it sound lyrical and sophisticated.


I'm never changing the HS Filtertrons in my Falcon- they sound grrrrreat. The Lollars do sound warmer, but not unlike a Country Gent I had back in the '70s


What’s not to like about these .. they sound much like the vintage Filtertrons I had with the same warmth , punch and sparkle. TVs are nice but they aren’t exactly like the vintage set I had.. warm plunky-and sparkle in plain strings . I think he also has a set with more emphasis on vintage tones

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