Lindy Fralin P90 in a Dynasonic shell. Anyone try?


I was considering trying a P90 in the bridge of a Duo Jet and happened upon a Lindy Fralin P90 in a Dynasonic shell. https://www.fralinpickups.c... Looks interesting and i've heard they make good P90s. Has anyone tried these in a Dynasonic Gretsch?


I was tempted for a minute to try them in my DeArmond equipped Guild - but if I go for that, I think I'd go with TV Jones' T90's in a DeArmond shell instead.

Fralin makes great pickups, but I haven't heard a "humcancelling single coil" yet that I liked, and TV's T-90's are proper single coils.


Lindy would wind you a non-hum-cancelling version and you'd have it within a week or two. There is a non-hum-cancelling soap bar in a raw nickel cover in the neck position of my custom partscaster that is still on the builder's bench in Queens. Otherwise I would weigh in with my impressions. I know Paul Pigat is a big fan of TV's T90s.

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