Japanese Dynasonic Reissue Wiring Question


I got a pair of these that I want to put back into their original guitar, but the previous owner didn't label the wiring. Do the Red and the braided wires get soldered together and the white go to the volume pots?


At least sometimes apparently. As long as both have the magnets facing the same way, it doesn't matter much as long as they're both wired the same way. I haven't heard of any of them have reverse-wound neck pickups. I would normally expect red to be + and white to be -, but it won't really matter. They're like speakers...you just don't want them going in opposite directions.


Thanks for the help Billy. Truth be told, they both tested as no continuity and a DC resistance in the millions on my VOM. I'm going to send them to pickup builder to see if he can bring them back to life.

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