Is this the only one in the world?


You know, it just dawned on me that the blades might just be cosmetic..ie sitting on top of regular, perpendicular to the strings coils...... just a thought.

Yeah, now that you mention it. If it truly had unusual internal construction, seems like they wouldn't hide it inside an all-enclosing plastic shell.

We might be headed toward having to take this thing apart, huh?

– Proteus

Can we? Can we?

A nice flat snap-off box cutter blade might be handy right now....

If the coils were angled there might be some telltale holes in the base plate...only one way to find out....well more than one if you include scanning and x-ray devices, but that would be overkill.


Curious hitch in that gitalong: the ends of the blades, which taper down, are undercut slightly so they cantilever out over the pickup housing. It's not clear how they'd retract through the slots cut for them - suggesting they were installed as a separate step from the top. (Whether as cosmetic adornments or integral into the bobbin as yet unknown...)


I think that would suggest, even more, that they are probably just for show. I can't see why you'd wind a coil with a pre defined slot just so you could insert blade cores in from the top after the plastic cover has been glued up. If Fender put Brian Setzer's 6120 in a CAT scanner to reveal the construction details I don't see why they wouldn't do the same for this....


Well howdy do!

t'ain't glue, it's just wax. The only tool needed was my thumbnail.

But what do we know now? The wax hides all the interesting bits. Maybe it's a Dumble!


oh wow the blades do go all the way down!! It looks like two dano lipstick style innards in a coffin of wax!


If the blades aren't magnets then I would guess that the magnets may be those dark patches that you can see through the wax.


I'm going to have to hook it up in something, aren't I?

Here's a candidate: already set up with coil-tap switches, and has an easy-access plate on the back.


...and the pickup surrounds are already matching black....

It's a sign!


And I'm not a huge fan of Carvin's M-22 22-pole overbuckers anyway...

Now the question is: neck or bridge?


And I'm not a huge fan of Carvin's M-22 22-pole overbuckers anyway...

Now the question is: neck or bridge?

– Proteus


Put it in the neck like this //. (if you see what i mean... The "Wrong" way round) I presume that the Carvin overbuckers are high output? it might balance better in the neck position. Who knows?


I was thinking neck as well. And, assuming I ever get around to this, I'll try it in both orientations. Society is so tolerant about such things these days.

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