Introducing - Off Kilter-trons!


Been a long time tinkerer, modding guitars since the early 90s. For the past five years or so, I've been working on a scratch built guitar design (Alameda Guitars - coming soon!), and as part of that developed some asymmetric bobbin pickups that are pretty versatile, with multiple single coil and humbucking configurations.

I put together a set in filter'tron covers and loaded them in my G5420, with the pickup switching mounted under the pickguard so no permanent mods to the guitar are required.

In keeping with Gretsch's 'tron nomenclature, and giving the unusual nature of the design, I call them Off Kilter'trons.

I made a demo of the pickups over the weekend; thought some here would get a kick out of it.


I've had split coil pickups and wanted a boost option to make the volume equal. Nice work. There are two threads now about a TV Jones pickup with the rail & pole piece pickup.


Dr. Milktruck - yeah, I saw those. TV's (amazing!) pickups are a variation of the classic filtertron design; these are most like his Magnatrons in that they use rod magnets vs screw and a bar magnet below the coils. Beyond that mine stray from the traditional Gretsch design; hence off kilter.


Hmmm...nice pickups. But, I have to confess being distracted by the shirt you were wearing. Shouldn't it say "Alameda" on it? Just trying to imagine Joe Carducci in a Gretsch product video in which he was wearing a Gibson shirt.

Just teasing you, Mel! Best of luck to you with the new pickups.


Not until he demo's an Alameda, Ric. Still showing love for Gretsch!


very interesting stuff. thanks for sharing. I liked the sound when both coils were on best -without the boost mode. Guess I'm happy with what I already have and no intention changing it


yeah boost coil has (recently) become fairly popular innovation....having the split coil tone without the volume drop... your take on it is very nice...covers a lot of angles...clever...great work...

much luck

like the foldable guitar as well..reminds me of old martin electric shape +

good work


ps- for your pup aficionados, booster coil ideas go way back...the great electronic whiz red rhodes used booster tech way back on clarence white guitar pups..60's

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