Installing Gretsch HS Filtertrons in my new Streamliner Gretsch


I recently purchased a great looking Streamliner used, but it is like new. I didn't like the Broadtrons in this guitar, so I bought a set of HsFiltertrons. The only problem, is there is nothing to screw these pickups into, and the body is completely hollow. Is there a best way to mount these pickups? Sould I glue wood blocks in the bottom of the guitar (they would have to be pretty tall). I tried glueing sticks across the two top braces inside the top of the guitar, but very difficult to do. I want the pups to be adjustable up and down with the included screws (which, by the way, are not wood screws). Would appreciate any ideas for mounting correctly.


Where did you get the FilterTrons? What guitar were they out of, or are they new? (I suppose Gretsch sells them new, never thought about it.) And are they intended to mount as Gretschs did in days of yore, with screws directly into the braces and no (easy) height adjustability? Or are they "English mount" (meaning they hang like Gibson pickups on the two screws in the bezels centered between the poles of the pickups.

Did the F'Trons come with pickup rings?

And your Streamliner has Gibson-type pickup rings, with the adjusters in the middles between the mounting screws?

TV Jones makes a universal mounting kit that might work for you, depending on the mount design of your Filter'Trons and the mounting rings you either did or didn't get with the 'trons. It consists of a couple L-shaped ears which mount to the bottoms of his Filter'Trons (and I think High Sensitives as well), which provide a place for the "English-mounting" screws.

In any case, you want to get Filter'Tron mounting rings. The ugly blocky standard ughly humbucker Gibson-type ugly rings are ugly - or at least they don't belong on Gretschs.

And ideally, you want Filter'Tron rings with the English-mount holes positioned where the holes are in Gibson rings. But if they don't have the holes, then you can drill them as necessary.

You can make your own mounting bars - simply narrow bars of metal stock, maybe a half-inch across (thickness dependent on what kind of metal - if aluminum, 3/16" or 1/4", something that doesn't bend). You make them long enough to go across the bottoms of the pickups and extend far enough under the pickup cutouts to accept the screws that will go through the side holes in the mounting rings. Tap threaded holes in the bars for the English-mount screws.

You screw the mounting bars to the undersides of the pickups using the two long screws in the body of the Filter'Trons (which were used to mount them to the braces, if you had braces). Secure them with nuts on the bottom.

Then you can mount the pickup via your bars, with screws through the side holes in the pickup rings and the usual Gibsonny spring arrangement. Wiggle the assembly into the pickup hole and fasten the Filter'Tron ring to the top of the guitar. The screws won't quite line up perfectly with the holes the ugly Gibson ugly humbucker ugly pickup ring was screwed to - but with a little angling and cussing (and maybe bits of toothpick and Elmers), you can get them fastened down.

It looks so much easier in pictures than it sounds here.


Slight correction. The newer FilterTron rings (as used on Electromatics, and probably some of the pro-lines) have two screws to English-mount-hang the pickups on the bass side of the bezel, and one screw on the treble side. (I suppose because treble notes are lighter.)


I put Filter'trons in an Electromatic by using strips I cut out of an old pickguard. Just screwed the mounting screws through the pickup into the plastic and then drilled undersized holes for the bezel spring mounting screws. Worked perfectly.


The Filtertrons were purchased new from a dealer. The neck pup has "ears" on each side of the pup, with mounting screws going through the top on each side. The bridge pup has nothing (no ears) on each side, just mounting screws through the top on each side. I bought the regular Gretsch surrounds with four corner screw mounts only. I managed to glue a strip of hardwood to the bottom of the top body braces and put foam pieces to raise the height of the pup, and screwed the mounting screws through the piece of wood I glued across the braces. This worked on the bridge pup, but I could not get the neck pup installed, as the glue did not want to hold on the wood strip across the top braces. Just like me, I managed to get some of the glue ( a spot or two) on my guitar finish, but lucky It rubbed off okey. I don't want to risk mucking up my finish any more with glue. The old pups that came with the Streamliner has surrounds with mounting screws and metal lips to mount the pups. The surrounds I bought extra from the Filtertrons do not have mounting screws for the pups.


Looked at the pictures of the pup mount and wonder what the side mount screws into, or how does this mount work?


The side mount is held on a metal strip that is itself held by the "normal" holding screws going through the pickup. You would need blacktop filtertrons surrounds with that...


Thank you. You have been helpful, as well as the other replies.

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