Humbuckers to Dogears on Archtop


Denmark not the UK.

– Mr Tubs

Ah man, all this time thought he was from the UK. I should have known since his accent is not British.

This guy here I thought was a GDP member but I don't see him chime in on this topic and no one mentions him.


Humbucker size will give you that P90 sound. I have Gibson P94's in my Hagstrom Viking . Of course the humbucker sized p90 doesn't look as cool as a dog ear p90 but the sound is p90 all the way. Very easy to swap them in an easier to adjust pickup height. You won't go wrong tone wise with genuine Gibson P94's


who makes dogear spaces that lay over humbucker routes, just like the ES-295? I really wish I could find some hardwood ones like you see on the ES-295, complete w body contour. I have an ES-135 I'm tearing the dumbuckers out of and would like a new set of Peter Florance P-90s in it.

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