How many Gibson bucker variants/models are there ?


Well for like 30 years there was just a Gibson humbucker... now we have '57 Classics, Seth Lover, Burstbucker... and those are just the names I know. Do they even make an unbranded bucker anymore?

How different are all these -- or is just marketing people hitting on themes to move the firewood? Not inquiring about aftermarket buckers -- more than anyone could keep track of.

Also does anyone know what buckers were in the 2014 ES -339... (mine). Gibson.com shows current year product to have burstbucker... but a few years ago, could have been something else.


Add in the other makers' aftermarket buckers, too.


Well I was just wondering about Gibson's own. There is a whole constellation of non Gibson buckers


how many? how long have you got? LOL


Turns out the 2014 ES 339 is '57 Classics


Turns out the 2014 ES 339 is '57 Classics

– DCBirdMan

I'm currently admiring a 2018 Gibson SG with the 57 classic pickups. How do you like them DCBirdMan?


Yes, 57 Classics get back to the the traditional tone... not all this overwound hotness, although they offer that demented variant also. '57 classics, or jsut typical 60s or 70s buckers in that era are great also.

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