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now that we're seeing several Electromatics in the lineup with the "blacktop" Filters a la the Tim Armstrong guitar, the question naturally arises to me: how similar/different do these sound to the "regular" i.e. "High Sensitive" FilterTrons that are standard on pro-line Gretsches? this interests me since the new 544x Electros have blacktops and as such are a big step closer to FilterTron Jets than the previous ProJets. does anyone have experience with these pickups? Tim Armstrong owners? folks who've played the 544x prototypes that were given away at the Roundup in, where was it, Baltimore? (forgive my memory, it's 3:45 AM). anybody? Bueller?


Yes, in Baltimore. Redrocker and I won "advance copies" of the new Electromatic Jets at recent Roundup giveaways.

I hear the Blacktops as having a more jangly character than High Sensitive FTs. A bit of Rickenbackerish kerrangle to them.

Let me see if I can throw up a quick comparison video this evening so you can hear for yourself. I've never done such a thing, but I'll give it a shot.



They dont look like the T-A filters to me... They look more like toasters, or some type of GFS buckers. But I'm POSITIVE they're not filters in any design.

ehh on second thought they're the same casings for sure. I wonder what the deal is.


This interests me. How close am I to proline?


I did edit that Hermitt. haha. I just thought the TA-Filters looked more filter-like, and the quick look I had at the new Pro-jet Filters looked more Ric like. Upon closer inspection yeah. Same casings for sure (besides finish)I kinda have a hard time believing that the guts are all going to be as good as Actual filters, (I've never played a TA) and I am not aware if the TA-Filters were the same as filter-trons...

If anything less than Filters, they will be Filter-Flavored, slightly cheaper components, more variable in output/clarity from pup to pup. I would say it might be like the DeArmond 2000 is to the Dynasonic, or the 2k to a P-90. It will Still a good Pup, (esp.compared to G-buckers, and the Mini-hums they used)

I'm getting pretty excited myself. I always wanted a Jet of some type, but the Duo's are out of my college student budget, and I dont dig the color of the Vette's. So I smell a jet in the next 12 months.


The recipe for the "Black Top" Filter'Tron pickup came from the DNA of an early 70's Baldwin era Filter’Tron. It’s a full-range pickup with a nice jangly top-end. With a clean setting on an amplifier they generate a full body, sparkly sound. When used in a hi-gain situation, they produce a singing, smooth distortion. Please know sound clips are coming soon & will post them here so you can hear for yourself.


Mr. Carducci, thanks for the info. Hope you see this. Maybe you can answer a question for me. I bought a new G6120DSV-BLK. I hear different numbers in regards to how many were produced. Can/will you clarify please?


They look like the rear pickup in the 6122-59. That isn't a new look for Gretsch. That is what Baldwin did to the Filtertron's after there change took over in the early 70's. Check the recorders and you will see that all the Filtertron's back then were like that.



Joe Carducci - Gretsch/FMIC wrote:


Our records show there are only twenty (20) of the G6120DSV-BLK guitars in the world. 8-)

Thank you Joe. I think one of those NEW, gold sparkle, single cut Pro Jets is janglng my name.


OK, Joe's sound clips are going to be much better than anything I could do with my built-in video cam, so it would be best to wait for them.

The new Jet on the bridge pickup, played through a Janglebox compressor, is a revelation.



I usually dont care for double cuts.... But that 5445t is looking really good to me.


I want the new ProJet DC... Bad!


sleeperNY is CORRECT!

Also know the NEW Gold-Top Jets are NOT a sparkle finish. They're simply gloss (bitchen!) Gold.


Having seen the "advance copies" at the Balto/DC Roundup, plus believing that both winners like them, I'm predicting a winner and am adding a double cut to my list. Way to go! :)


We do like them, Baba.

This is what so many people have been asking the Electromatics to be.

It's one thing for true believers such as redrocker and meself to wax rhapsodic about them. The proof will be when the more casual enthusiasts and the yet-to-be-enlisted hear them and play them.

But I'm making the same prediction. :D



What would be the subtle differences between these new (old) Black Top Filters and Mega'Trons? Megas are hotter wound Filters, right?


Any chance of the 512X series getting blacktops in the future? kill off the g'buckers for ever. !#$@%


I am really excited about these. i love ( but dont own) the Tim A . I have played a couple. the gretsch output from that era defines one of the best era's in modern music. Bow Wow Wow to early Cult to dozens of other 80's era bands. the more I revisit that stuff the better it gets. Not to mention that there are a boat load of modern bands mining that gold. Looks like a electro that needs nothing to be a player out of the box


I agree very much with the descriptions from Joe C. and FF909. I'm positively tickled with the blacktop FT sound-- very full-range and the top end is bright and jangly, more like a nice Tele to my ears than a Ric (but I'm pretty naive about Rickenbackers, so I'm probably not the best judge on that front).

Solid build quality -- felt like a Corvette I played at Nashville 2 years ago. Great feel to the neck as well, if you like chunkier necks.

I am still getting used to the shorter Bigsby. I either need to adjust my playing, or the Bigsby -- but I can't quite get the wiggle ease and depth like I could with the B3C on a DuoJet. Maybe I'll switch to a larger spring.

Also can't speak to the high volume sound -- I have yet to take mine to high volume yet, apt. dweller that I am. Looking forward to getting it cranked up at Nashville (reminds me, gotta make those reservations!)...


Mr. C said "b*tchen". I'm gonna report! :D


MegaTrons are hotter wound and they have ceramic magnets. I really enjoyed them. They get the Gretsch Sound and they get mean and dirty with good clarity. IDK if the Blacktops are alnico or ceramic, but they are FilterTrons, so they will sound great

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