How come everyone hates Gibson mini humbuckers


Happy to hear all this ... were the Firebird pickups same as what was in LP Deluxe? They look a little differernt at least talking about poles/no poles

– DCBirdMan

no internally the construction is quite different...

The main difference between the two styles of guitar pickups is the magnetic field. Mini Humbuckers use a single bar magnet that sits between and below the coils. ... A Firebird pickup uses two “rail” style bar magnets, one or which is placed in the center of each of the bobbins that the coils are wound around.




I always liked the Firebirds with mini-humbuckers, especially Phil Manzanera's Firebird V11, sporting 3 of them.

Epiphone put USA mini-humbuckers on their '62 Sorrento reissues.

I really like their tones and output through this little beauty. Perfectly suited.


I have a '75 Les Paul Deluxe with mini-humbucker pickups. I love those pickups. so, no hate here.


By far the best les Paul I have ever heard is a bandmate's LP that is a Deluxe with mini humbuckers.



I usually hear them talked about positively. To the point where I'd like to actually try a guitar with them. I'm not a fan of Gibson PAF-style mudbuckers, so they might be a viable alternative. Problem is, I've never encountered a mini-humbucker guitar in person.


The 71 Deluxe Gold Top i had was class sounding,it did everything from Thin Lizzy to Scotty Moore....convincingly!

I only wish i had that geet now,i think it may have been a 69.

The uncle still has his 78 Deluxe,which he bought new,well i hope he still has it!


For build quality and tone, '97 Gibson Firebird and the mini HBs are great. Yes, it nails the Skynyrd "Gimme Three Steps" tone perfectly and provides some of that Johnny Winter mid-'70s throaty grit.

The biggest surprise has been the versatility of tonal range and is the 1 guitar in my herd that that see equal playing time of both bridge, and neck pickup and the position with both engaged.......most of my playing is neck pup only or for my Strats, a split between neck and middle/neck positions.

With the amp dialed in correctly, it really pulls off a great T-Bone Walker tone. My only wish with the Firebird is with the neck in that I wish the profile was a bit wider and thicker.


I had a first reissue Harmony hollowbody (short run from the late 90's I think) that came with three toaster-looking but mud-sounding PUs that had to go. I put 3 Seymour Duncan mini HBs on it and the sound was incredible. As usual, another guitar caught my eye and for sale it went to make the purchase possible.

My Schecter Ultra III and Ultra XII have coil-splitting Duncan-designed mini's on mahogany bodies are very versatile and a tad brighter than most.


I had a '65ish Epiphone Riviera for a while which came with mini-HBs. Sounded wonderful. Only sold it because of the narrow neck. I'm still tempted to buy a Japanese Epiphone Riviera.

And as far as "A Hotbox! Wow! Do you still have it? How dreamy....." Well I gigged with a rockabilly band for years, playing a Gretsch 6120 SSU and various amps (mostly either a Fender Bassman RI, a SRRI or a Vibroking) and a Matchless Hotbox and Ibanez PDM1 delay. I had the Hotbox first, then a Matchless Dirtbox, and finally the best one of the lot, a Badcat two-tone. The Two-tone is a Badcat version of the Hotbox. The circuit for the dirt channel is identical but the transformer is slightly larger so it has more headroom/tighter bass response. I still have it and love it. I have other pedals I use now instead but would struggle to let go of the Two-tone. It sounds awesome with a Gretsch - that Vox tonestack suits Gretsches well.

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