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Makin’ those DE handles!


Great photo, posted by Fred Gretsch, of the folks hard at work at the Bigsby foundry. As he said, "Brewmeister Jim and the 'secret sauce'."


This is really cool and looks so out of time in a nice way. A little photo filter and you wouldn't guess this could be anywhere near 2017.


Oh, and good to see they are making the Merle Travis handle, too.


There is something very cool about using a Bigsby, knowing that they are each made by real people doing it the "old fashioned way".


Where, again, is this factory? Southern California?


Kind of reminds me of this picture, which I'm told is of the team at Tru-Arc Bridgeworks in action:


Oh, and good to see they are making the Merle Travis handle, too.

– sascha

Well spotted.


Sand casting is such a cool old-school process. On another forum I frequent, a group of guys team built a Mosrite 6/12 tribute, and one of the guys made a sand casting foundry in his driveway. He's a Boeing engineer, so probably a little more handy than most people. The pictures of the driveway foundry are no longer up, but I found these.

Wooden model:

First failed attempts:

Successful cast:


How good to see the fruits of their highly skilled labour !


So cool(or hot!) thanks for posting this Deed.

Those are good photos too afire.

I did some foundry work in my sculpture classes in college.

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