Hi Los vs. Dano lipsticks


Well I am loving the thumpy upright sound am getting from my early 60s shorthorn bass at a mighty 3.2k out of the single lipstick. I know dcr isn't nearly the whole story but damn thing is louder fatter than a 10K bass bucker I have... seems impossible.

So being all eaten up with the Bikini bass with a freekin HiLo tron for a bass pickup in the same output range 3 to 3.5... could sound way better than expected or it could just outright suck.


Interesting when you consider that the lipstick tube pickups couldn't be any simpler or cheaper. Nat Daniels certainly knew his stuff.


When you get into bass pickups....the MAGNET makes all the difference. Specifically it's flux and location. Supertron bass pickups read something like 75 ohms (not kilo-ohms....ohms)

I made a baritone guitar once with Hilotrons and it sounded excellent. Lots of nice top end and woody clarity. Often with a bass guitar you are ironically looking for high end frequency response...not low end....which is why most bass pickups are more widely accepted single coil and tend to be closer to the bridge.

A friend of mine had a vintage Dano bass with a single lipstick pickup in it and it was the nicest sounding, easiest playing, most versatile basses I ever experienced. I probably would favor those to Hilotrons for bass. Hilotrons seem best suited for hollow body jazz guitars....especially at the neck.


Always loved the sound that Setzer finds in this Dano bass. He plays the solo on the bass further into the song


Well hell I had a Dano 6/4 just like Setzer except the guitar neck on top where it belongs.

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