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A friend of mine has this question -- I am not that well informed beyond generalities that pot values and certain pickup designs do interact in certain ways. Can anyone help?

Question is?

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Yes, it's true. Try putting a 1meg pot with a strat pickup (normally 250k.) It sounds terrible, and like a totally different guitar. It gives the guitar very cutting, and really quite unusable tones, IMO.

Lower value pots present less resistance, which lets the treble frequencies bleed through the pot and go down to ground. Therefore you loose noticeable amounts of treble using lower value pots.

Setting pot resistance with any pickup regardless of design (hi-impedance pickups) is a bit like setting a 'frequency window'. Both tone and volume pots affect the resonant frequency of the pickup.

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What is the question?

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eeeek sorry left it out

. " I was asking about the difference between 250K and 500K pots for a guitar I have, a Korean DeArmond M77T that has these Model 2000 pickups that are P-90 like. I think they are brighter, but I was wondering if changing the pot values would make any difference? The 500K pots in there now are small and don’t seem to taper all the way."

I think I understand what he is asking but don't know an answer but I did suggsted that upgrading pots is usually a good idea/


Always changing the pot values will make an audible difference.

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