Has anyone compared Duo-Trons vs Supertrons?


Just curious, since the Duos "borrow" the blades from the Supers... if the 2 pickups are very similar? I've read where some people think they sound so similar you should choose which one to buy based on looks alone.....

I'm interested because they also reportedly have more mids and a softer attack than all the regular Filters....?


in a primeval time there were Filtertrons Supertons and HiLo trons -- now there are so many variants I can't keep track of all these modern world Trons.


yeah I know.... analysis paralysis...


I had a DuoTron for awhile at the bridge position of an Electromatic 5655T-CB centerblock Jet.

I liked the pickup better than the blacktop FT that came there, but I honestly don't remember anything striking about it. A bit smoother/warmer/fatter than Classics - but it's what I expected, so I wasn't surprised. Classy-sounding pickup.

But I didn't bond with the guitar, so I put the stockpups back in and 'verbed it.

Hard to compare that bridge Duo'Tron directly with the neck Super'Tron on my 6122-59, because you know. Different position in a different build. But extrapolating and triangulating through the infallible mists of aural memory, I'd say the DT strikes the balance you'd expect (given its construction) between the smooth warmth and thick crystal clarity of the ST and the brighter, comparatively crisper, and somewhat thinner FT/Classic.

Mileage may vary. And never trust tonewords from the infallible aural memory of an old guy.


" But extrapolating and triangulating through the infallible mists of aural memory,"

oh boy, know what you mean... it's a PITA, isn't it?

"And never trust tonewords from the infallible aural memory of an old guy."

again, know what you mean LOL


I am older than Proteus and agree with his assessment. I have Duotrons in my 5122 and like them. Not exactly apples to apples to compare with my 6122-1959 or 2655T Supertron neck pickups. Even comparing them to my Monkees when I had it probably was not exact, but I don’t remember.

The DTs brought my 5122 alive. They replaced Seymour Duncan P-Rails which in retrospect were okay. The only regret I have about the Duo Trons is that, although the p-rails were not “Gretschy” sounding, I now realize that they gave me an additional different sounding guitar. Overall, the Duotrons were a good choice.

Go with Proteus’s assessment.


Realizing the last comment was ALMOST pre-Covid, I have a 1967 Viking with Supertron. It's the second one I've owned. Someone else liked the first one more than me apparently, and it just disappeared one day, but I digress.

I've always liked the sound of the Viking over my 66 Nashville (I know, neither of them have Duotron pickups, but it's as close as I can get).

I did come up with a curious question about the Supertrons today. I'm one of the few who still have the floating sound unit (AKA Tuning Fork Bridge). If you've ever played one unplugged, while one of the wires was resting on the tuning fork, you'd probably never pick it up again. Anytime something rests against the tuning fork, it has the most irritating some imaginable.

Any way, the electrical tape covering the pickup connectors, has come loose over the past 53 years, and was resting against the tuning fork, so, I removed the rear cover, and pulled out the pickup switch and tone switch, so I could retape the connectors. While doing that. I noticed the the black wire and shield were both attached to the connector, but I also saw a red wire, which had been clipped just about the insulation. This was the same on both pickups.

Has anyone seen this before? Do you know what that red wire is?



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