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Hi all - If interested, an article I wrote for Premier Guitar magazine, "Guitar Pickups 101," will be in the upcoming issue. It has also been posted online (sooner than I expected.) It follows a "Speakers 101" article I wrote for the current issue. Here's a link:

Guitar Pickups 101 | Premier Guitar magazine

The articles are basic primers on how speakers / pickups work. This one contains a couple of Gretsch / Hilo'Tron / DeArmond references.


Another great article you've written! Well done!


Great article. Could you do a follow up with some of the weird stuff (fridge magnets, Rhythm Chiefs) in the future as with your Cult Pickups article? Also I very much appreciate your stressing that one-pickup guitars are not "less" than two-pickup guitars.


My copy arrived in the mail today and I started reading your GREAT article.... I was interrupted by my beloved wife reminding me that I was overdue with my cooking/grilling duties.

I plan to finish reading this evening.

Another very fine piece of work by you, Dan! Thank you!!!

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