SOmeone posted this guitar on facebook. It's one of those synchromatics from 99-02 with the sticker for a serial #. I have one of these guitars too but my pickups are different. Are these just a different style of Gretschbuckers?


That's a first generation Electromatic not a Synchromatic. The pickups are mini humbuckers.


Thanks, I had no idea what the Mini hums were. I've read here about them but never put that together.


My Projet had Gretsch minihumbucker pickups. Depending on what you want from a pickup, these units weren't necessarily bad, it's just that, IMO, they didn't hit any of the sonic targets that I associate with Gretsch guitars. As the pickup rout on these instruments provides an easy drop-in for soapbar pickups, I fitted a Bareknuckle soapbar P90 at the neck and a TV Jones Filtertron in a soapbar cover at the bridge.


A friend bought his pro-Jet just because he loved the sound of the bridge pup as used by Son Volt. He's thinking about a replacement (with wiring!) for the neck pup.


I have a cheap-o bolt-on-neck jet with these pickups and assumed I'd replace them when I bought it. Never did. I ended up really loving the sounds after moving them closer to the strings.

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