GretschBucker mod to single coil… BroadTron too?


I love the BroadTrons, they look so similar to the GBs that this video got me wondering if the same simple procedure can / has been done to them with similar results, or if they are splitable so I could tap them from a switch?


glad to see that someone's paying attention. nicely done.


When I had a 5120 I did this on the neck pickup. I liked the results. The bridge Gretschbucker was already killer in my opinion. It worked to clean up the neck pickup.


I coil split bot the "gretschbucker" pickups on a 5120. I found the gretschbucker too dark but that's just my taste. It worked well though I ended up installing hilotrons in the end I've tried Scott's mod too. It works well too and is a little less invasive than coil splitting. Also you still have the hum cancelling qualities of the humbucker.

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