SO, my Gretsch G5125 has been sitting on the stand for far too long because it hums like crazy with the Dearmond 2000. So, I'm looking at a pickup replacement. I'd love to go with TV Jones, but they are out of my price range. So, I was thinking about going with a set of GFS NYIII. How do these sound? Also, how do the NYII compare to the Dearmond 2000? Is there a huge difference? I'm contemplating many different possibilities. Such as, GFS NYIII in both positions, NYIII Bridge and Dearmond 2000 in Neck, NYIII Bridge and NYII Neck, or maybe TV Jones Classic in Bridge and Dearmond 2000 in Neck. Have I missed anything? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Single coil pickups hum. If you are not used to it I suppose it could be annoying. I have no excessive humming problems with the three guitars I own with single coil pickups, but it did take some getting used to. These guitars include a Gretsch Electromatic G5129 with the same DeArmond 2000 pickups as in your G5125. However if you can't stand any hum, you need double coil pickups, which would be the GFS NYIII pickups, here I am pretty sure that you will have to alter or change your wiring harness to accommodate these pickups. Hope this was helpful and good luck with your project.
I have a NYII in the neck of my Pro Jet, and a Gretsch lap steel pickup in the bridge; it's a nice combo. I've had my eye on those NYIII's as a possible bridge pickup, however, so I'd really like to hear about anyone's experience with them. I can't find much info on them at all on the net, besides the copy at Guitarfetish. So, please, anyone -- how does the NYIII sound?
The question, I guess, is what kind of tone are you after? To be honest, I think the DeArmonds wipe the floor with any GFS retro-pickup as far as tone goes. Single coil pickups hum, regardless of who makes them. Nature of the beast. If you want the single coil sound, you have to live with a certain degree of hum. I doubt that GFS NYIIs will solve the problem. Any single coils you install will hum too. If the hum is abnormally excessive, make sure it's not a grounding issue with your guitar's wiring. Also, poorly shielded wiring in your house or playing near fluorescent lights or other sources of interference can cause excessive hum. The GFS NYIIIs are humbuckers, and they may or may not solve the problem. They're darker sounding than DeArmonds or NYIIs and they may not be what you're after tonewise. I'd try to determine the exact cause of the hum before ditching the DeArmonds.
My other guitar is a strat, and so I'm aware of the 60hz hum, but with the Gretsch it's louder. So maybe a combination of not being shielded and a bad ground. What's the ground wiring like on the 512X series? Also, I find the bridge position to be too bright, and would like to get a warmer sound out of it. I do like the neck position though.
Good points all around and great advise MrM, especially the point about the florescent lights.
NY'S hum too,not like crazy,but their single coils so???,i think III'S are like mini humbuckers, so might be your ticket?....
How about getting one of your single-coils reverse wound, so you'll still get single-coil tone, but they'll be humbucking when you have them on together?
Gigatron said: How about getting one of your single-coils reverse wound, so you'll still get single-coil tone...
To the best of my knowledge, sets of DeArmond 2000s are already reverse wound. boytbpc: If the DeArmond at the bridge is too bright for your tastes, then the NYIII might be worth looking into...even better would be a TV Jones Powertron in a DeArmond mount.
Yeah, I think that the act of creating this thread has made me realize that I don't really want to replace the neck PU as much as replace the bridge and take care of the hum in that position.
I have no real hum problems with the NYII in my projet. And they sound great for the price. i bought an NYII for the neck and an NYIII for the bridge, the NYII overpowered the bridge. I'd be glad to trade the NYIII for a dearmond if you wanna try it?
Instead of replacing the pickups try one of these. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/ElectroHarmonix-Hum-Debugger-Hum-Eliminator-Pedal?sku=150136
I use a Boss NS noise suppressor quite a bit since my house is an electronic noise factory due to age location and poor grounding. It has allowed me to stay sane with humming single coils in Strats and Teles, and the annoying "it stops when I touch the strings" hum you can get with 'buckers. Strats and Teles can be sheilded, not so much for a hollow body hth Rob
I don't know the NYIII. The NYII is a KILLER pickup. It may be as good as Dynasonics or P90s in its own way (which is a bit more aggressive). Putting one at the neck of my Electro Double Jet changed the guitar from nice to amaaaazing. No notable trouble with hum by comparison with other single-coilers. Better pots and switches, and proper shielded wiring and star-grounding is what you want to employ if there are issues. (And maybe copper-tape shielding under the top around the pickups, switches, and pots. Pretty tricky to stick up under there working through the f-holes, I'll admit.) Tired old thread with soundclips of Jet with NYII.
(Hope this isn't too far afield): Does anyone know if any of the GFS pickups sound anything like a Powertron?
DGJ: " i bought an NYII for the neck and an NYIII for the bridge, the NYII overpowered the bridge." Even though the II is a single-coil and the III a humbucker? That's surprising to me.
The NYII is a LOUD pickup! Actually, the Dream 180 is a bit PowerTronny - if there's a hot or slightly overwound version of the 180, it might come even closer. I didn't have 180s in a hollowbody, though (just a maple-over-mahog solid), nor have I played PowerTrons in a solidbody. So my comparison (in memory) of the 180s in the now-traded solidbody to the PowerTrons in the Jag Tan Annie lacks even as much pseudo-science as I like. But in terms of crossing Filtertron-sparkly high-end and clarity with midrange fat and warmth...it's kinda what the 180 does.
if you decide to get rid of those dearmonds let me know
I went for the Electro Harmonix Hum Debugger to address the hum from the Dynas in my Duo Jet (my house is old and I play down in the basement which I call the hum chamber). The Hum Debugger does what it claims...gets rid of 60 cycle hum. It does effect tone slightly...when you hit the high E and B hard there can be a very slight (almost undetectable) chorusing effect. For me, it was definately worth it.
Proteus: In your opinion, is the NYII is a killer pickup? Does it blow the Dearmond 2000 out of the water? How do the Dynasonics compare to the 2000? Your clips sound great. I might go the route of the "Hum Debugger" by EHX, the new Bridge Pickup (still undecided), and see what I can do with the wiring and ground.
Well...ducking, but I like it better than the DeArmond 2000. I wouldn't say "blow out of the water" - they're different crafts and shouldn't be up against each other. But I prefer it. But yeah, it's a killer pickup. REALLY lights me up. Don't know about comparing it to a Dynasonic; I'd have to swap them through the same guitar to make that judgment. Just on POLICY, though, I can't imagine adMITting I liked it better even if I did. Which I doubt. Just that both have their places. Is it a better value? OH yeah.
Proteus, do you have any way of comparing the NYII to a DeArmond 2K? My understanding is that they are very close and very similarly designed. Both are designed as P90s in a DeArmond shell. Any thoughts?
I don't, sorry. No 2Ks in the arsenal! My impression from having played guitars so equipped, though, is that the NYII is a bit ballsier.
For what it's worth, although I can see why 2ks are often described as "P90-like," they sound a lot cleaner to me. That's probably why I don't like them in the neck position, they sound too muddy there. I own two guitars with 2ks at the bridge position and 2000s at the neck. That's a killer combination. I just don't like the 2ks at the neck. I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that practically any pickup sounds good at the bridge; the neck position is where reputations are made.

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