GFS? Gibson?


I am wanting switch up the pups in my Gigmaster Custom 17" hollow body. I always seem to get overwhelmed when I do these things, as money does not grow on trees here in Alabama....maybe Kudzu but not good ole American legal tender.

A set of Gibson Classic '57s gold comes to about $225.00

GFS Classic alnico II gold is right at $95.00

The P90s are respectfully about the same price as either companies Classic series of humbuckers. I've searched here on the GPD about GFS. have any of you had experience with GFS Classic II humbuckers?

Hows about their P90 dogears?

As Jimi would say....have you ever been experienced


Dream 90's drop right in, and sound a bit like bright P90's, but quieter and more versatile, IMO.


I haven't used those models, but I installed a set of Crunchy PATs and they are the best sounding HBs I've heard. Something about them just clicks with me. I don't generally like HBs, but those are awesome.

One cool thing about GFS is, they have a 30 day return policy if you get them in and decide it's not what you want. They've been really cool on the few returns I've made. Just don't cut the leads.


For the price, they are tough to beat. I have a P90 I'm going to try out in a few days. I've heard both ends of the specturm with GFS pickups. Some swear by them & others have had issues.


I'm not a fan of over-wound hot humbuckers.

I have had a set of Seymour Duncan Antiquity humbuckers in a guitar once. Alnico II and unpotted, just like the original Seth Lover design. Not high output. They were excellent sounding and pretty darned twangy. They had a broad range of sounds in them, and were very versatile.

Humbuckers range so far and wide depending on what you want. I prefer the Alnico II magnets from my own personal experience, YMMV.


I wanted to replace some Duncan-designed buckers in a Schecter guitar. I went back and forth between P90s and a set of Alnico buckers. Finally, I went with both - I put a Dream 90 in the neck and one of the Professional Series Alnico II humbuckers in the bridge.

I really like both of these pickups. The Alnico IIs are not wound too hot IMO. And the P90 gives me the dirty tones that I wanted without too much noise. The two don't blend very well together, so I don't use the middle position, but I knew that going in.

I really like both of these pickups. If push came to shove, I think the Pro Series Alnico IIs are a hair better quality than the Dream 90s, but it's really close. And, of course, it depends upon which tone you're going for.

But for about $80 for the pair, you can't go wrong with either set.

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