G6228 Players Edition Jet - TV-HT’s?


I love the feel and style of my G6228 Players Edition Jet but compared to my other Gretsch a G6128T-53 Vintage Select ’53 Duo Jet w/ TV DeArmonds, it isn't getting much play (love the DeArmonds!). I'm looking for some input on pickup replacement for the G6228. The Broad'trons are ok, the bridge is especially good but the neck is just a bit too muddy. Hoping to find an alternative that is more similar to the DeArmonds with the same clarity and dynamics. I am considering the TV Jones HT's even though I realize they have less output. Anyone have HT's on their Jet? Any other pickups I should consider?

I've had Classics on my previous Gretsch's and they were ok but looking for the best combo for the P.E. Jet that will compliment the DeArmonds.

My other option is just to sell the P.E. Jet and not spend any money on it (I won it at a Gretsch Roundup so I would be ahead).



Less output might not be a bad thing, especially for clarity.

Maybe check out some Magna'Trons.

If you end up with HT's I'd love to hear how it goes. My PE Jet has become my pickup tester and wiring experimentation guitar since it's so much easier to tinker with than the hollow bodies, but the HT's are one of the few pickups I haven't gotten to yet. It currently has T-Armonds and will soon have Starwood Humbuckers (side note: TV Jones is making custom black rings for it, I didn't know they did that).


Exactly what jerrodtaylor said. Magnatrons are criminally undervalued; I'd give those a try first. TV calls those humbucking Dynasonics and that is an excellent description. If you go with HiLo's, everyone on the site would be interested how that works in your Jet.


Thanks for the advice,

I was considering the Magnatrons but haven't heard much buzz about them. I like the idea of having a "hotter" Jet to go along with the '53 Duo Jet. My P.E. doesn't have a Bigsby and I tend to use that one for the more overdriven stuff anyway (not that the DeArmonds don't rock, they certainly do).


How much does the clean sound matter? I’ve had some Power’Trons in there before that sounded kinda funny clean but loved gain. ZZ Top style, and they never sounded muddy.


How much does the clean sound matter? I’ve had some Power’Trons in there before that sounded kinda funny clean but loved gain. ZZ Top style, and they never sounded muddy.

– jarrodtaylor

Yeah, the Broad'trons sound really great with gain as well, I'm just afraid the Power'trons would be too close to the Broad'trons to justify a swap.

If I only had one Gretsch with the Broad'trons I would probably be content but compared to the DeArmonds, they just don't shine that much. Hoping I can find a similar but complementary sound to the DeArmonds (crisp highs and bass response, slightly scooped to moderate mids) in a humbucker or another single coil.



Yep, that sounds like Magna’Trons.

For reference, the Power’Trons are way more classic filtert‘ron sounding than the Broad’Trons. To me at least, the BT’s are modern rock sounding.


I don't know about HT's in a solid body........if you are looking for a more classic Filter sound then TVJ Classics, Setzers, or even Power'Trons would work. If you want more of a single coil tone, but don't necessarily want to just replicate the tone of your Dyna Jet, TVJ Magnatrons could be the ticket.


The HTs have plenty of output, and they are the ones that I keep coming back to in my Anniversary. I don't own a Jet, so no comments there. They are not like the old Hilo'trons with their low output, but they are not too hot either; nice clarity with a natural top end, great with overdrive... set 'em up right and they are magic.


I think the Power'trons are more Gretsch sounding to my ears than the Magna'trons (at least from the videos I've heard). The HT's working great with overdrive (and of course, those amazing clean tones) is a real plus. I'm glad to hear they have decent output.

Thanks everyone.

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