FINALLY…. T-Armonds Cabronita!


I love the neck, the bridge is good, but as I said- the built-in foam shims in Cabronita aren't getting it quite high enough... so I'll fix that, maybe even today (not sure if I have another set of strings, if not they should arrive today...)

– ruger9

take a look at my pick above, its a weird differentiation between how the neck is set up and the bridge. I too loVed the neck but I had to squirm around for a while w the bridge. You can see how I brought the height of pickup body up at the low strings but dropped the body of the pickups on the high unwound strings but the pole slugs are raised up out of the bobbin much more than the neck. Doing this on the bridge gave me that kinda grady "donk" on the low E-A while keeping the tele early 60s twang n cluck. The steel saddles on a sugarpine body may play into this somewhat but I found that sweet spot w the foam shims adjusted right and then slug height on that bridge pickup.



Funny... I have my bridge "tilt" lust like that- bass a little higher, treble lower. And the neck just the opposite. I haven't messed with any of the slugs yet.... I thought that was more for VOLUME (string-to-string) than it was tone? No?


Just back with a quick review, after having them a little while....

I love them. I had T-90s in it before, and they are also great, especially for rock sounds, but the T-Armonds are big, fat, clear, lovely, sounding pickups. Like a fat tele. (The T-90s were like a fat DIRTY tele lol).

Nice thick highs on the plain strings, and piano-like lows on the wound strings. Think Jim Campilongo and Duke Levine. They are actually very similar to regular tele pickups, but with less icepick on the bridge, which I love. If you want your Cabronita to sound more like a tele, get the T-Armonds.

I like them with a little gain, like an overdrive pedal to help the amp be a little pushed... but I'm not really digging them for higher gain, or even rock, sounds. That's ok- I have other guitars for that. Not saying they don't sound good, I just prefer the other guitars over the T-Armonds. But for gorgeous clean and semi-dirty tones, the T-Armonds are very hard to beat.

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