Filtertrons into Dumbucker holes with Gretsch-looking rings. HOW CA


Feelin' stupid here.

Easy task: replace Dumbuckers in a Carlo Robelli with HS Filtertrons pulled from a 2004 Gent.

I know I'll need a way to convert the earless FilterTrons to "English"-mountability. And I'll need pickup risers to accommodate the crazy-high neck set of the Carlo. Improvise or buy from TVJ, got those issues covered.

But I want conventional Gretsch-looking pickup rings with the stripey embossing (and English-mount holes drilled to hang the pickups from). It looks like TV's EM2s have FilterTron outside dimensions, which won't completely cover the humbucker holes. His EM-4 option looks like a Gibson ring, but only come in cream and black (not gold) and no embossed stripes.

I thought someone made a Gretsch-LOOKING ring with FilterTron INSIDE dimensions but to cover a humbucker hole.

This has been done countless times. What am I missing?


Gretsch filtertron rings should cover a humbucker hole I have successfully done this on both my Yamaha Archtops(originally with humbuckers) I can't remember if you can use the same screw holes...probably not, make new ones

The blacktop filtertrons come with english mount rings and they are english mount

You could take a normal set of rings and drill holes in them for an english mount. You can probably buy blacktop filtertron rings on the bay or elsewhere

You can convert a pair of filterons to english mount by screwing (using the pickups existing mounting holes) a strip of thick plastic or metal to the bottom of the pickup, that extends far enough on either side to drill and tap holes for an English mount. tapping probably wouldn't be necessary for nylon for plastic strips, just slightly undersized holes. Add springs and bolts, DONE!

I bet somebody has a premade english mount kit. TV jones for sure does.


Put earless powertrons in a les Paul clone. Normal Gretsch rings covered up the HB holes with no problem. Stacked enough mousepad material under the powertrons to get em high enough. But I bought longer screws from the hardware store to secure the pickups. The Gretsch rings were just for cosmetic reasons in my case. They didnt held the pickups


Couldn't Paul Setzer make something like this?

  • EM-1 are Gibson external, Filter'Tron internal.
  • EM-2 are Gretsch external, FT internal.
  • EM-3 are Dogear external, FT internal.
  • EM-4 is Gibson external, FT internal, flat base (for flat bodies like a tele, etc)

I think that's all there is. The Gretsch ring is pretty close to a HB footprint, it should cover it pretty well.


I've found that a Filtertron ring will physically cover a humbucker rout....but the screws will have nothing to attach to to anchor it there. You might have to make some sort of ring shaped wood baffle that fits inside the hole for the screws to screw into.. You could probably glue it in place.


I’m with Suprdave. When in doubt ask Setzer.

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