Filtertrons: How can you check the vintage?


Hi, my debut dumb question here:

I have a pair of Filtertrons that I purchased at a Texas guitar show in probably 1992. I've been carting them around since then, never getting around to putting them in a guitar.

I'm wondering if there's any way to date them, at least to demonstrate that they're not recent replicas or reissues. The covers are soldered to the backs, which I could undo if needed. The pole screws are pointed and only extend through the back about 3 or 4mm.

Thanks for taking my call and I'll hang up and listen.


They look like 90's ceramic filters.


The covers weren't soldered to the base on the originals. Also the hot and cold wires came through two different holes in the base. Any evidence of wax potting would also indicate modern manufacture.

Sadly those don't appear to be vintage to me.


Thanks very much—that all sounds about right.


Welcome to all things Gretsch! While not appearing to be vintage, that doesn't mean these aren't decent pickups. Many folks around here don't particularly like these [reissue] ceramic pups but as with many things, it comes down to what performs/sounds good to you. You might very well be happy with them so don't discount them out of hand.


I'm thinking they came out of one of those pre-Fender Japanese White Falcons. Did any other Gretsch from that time use gold ceramic Filtertrons?


The Country Classics as they were named back then had gold pus, IIRC. Btw, I like the ceramic bridge Filtertron. It rocks.


Did any other Gretsch from that time use gold ceramic Filtertrons?

Yes, a whole bunch of them. 6120's, Gents, Jet Firebird, "roundup", etc...


Yup. I checked the one's I ripped from my '92 6119 Tennesee Rose after replacing TV Jones Classics. Same stuff!


Pre-Fender ceramics for sure.

Edit: there's no such thing as a dumb question here. Welcome aboard.

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